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Stealthy Black Victory Police Motorcycle on Patrol in Pasadena, Texas & Lenexa, Kansas

Watch your speed when driving around Pasadena, Texas, and Lenexa, Kansas, or you might meet a fellow Victory Rider – with a badge….

If you’re riding in Pasadena, Texas, a suburb just southeast of Houston, don’t zip past a beautiful black Cross Country and think “Hmmm, that’s a unique trunk.”

That trunk might actually be a mobile office box on a Commander I model, a custom-equipped bike from Victory Police Motorcycles.

The Pasadena [Texas] Police Department recently took delivery of Victory Police Motorcycles, and its first bike is this stealthy black model with minimal department graphics.

So if you’re driving near Pasadena, Texas, watch your speed and watch for an extremely handsome high-performance police bike – a Victory Police Motorcycle.

You’ll also see new Victory Police Motorcycles on the streets of Lenexa, Kansas. Details are below, under the Pasadena bike photos.