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Rather Dashing: Jeep Teases 2018 Wrangler JL’s Interior

After last week’s surprise reveal of new-Wrangler images during the SEMA show, as well as the introduction of a passel of accessory parts for the next generation of America’s beloved go-anywhere runabout, Jeep seems to have committed itself to a continued trickle of details leading up to the JL Wrangler’s Los Angeles auto show reveal later this month.

2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Interior

From the two supplied photographs of a red Rubicon’s passenger-carrying innards, the new Jeep’s interior seems to be an aesthetic improvement over the current version’s Playskool-for-grown-ups cabin, featuring a dash panel color matched to the body. The new unit seems more retro—in a good way—and better suited to the Wrangler’s overall vibe of utility and fun. The vents look less fussy than the previous model’s, and the splash of color goes miles toward rectifying the unpleasant austerity of the outgoing trucklet. The color screen mounted between the tach and speedo also brings a dash of visual life to the proceedings.


Also of note is the six-speed manual’s shifter, which appears to feature a reverse-lockout collar that’s either anodized red or color matched to the dash and exterior. In short, the rethought dash provides a much-needed revision to a cabin that failed to echo the previous vehicle’s classic and friendly nature.


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Dodge Dart R/T Concept: The High-Performance Compact Dodge Needs to Build

Dodge has a fascinating history of building hot compacts, one prominent example being the Omni GLHS by Shelby, while the Caliber SRT4 marked a low point in terms of style and refinement. For the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the carmaker has taken its sensible Dart and tweaked it significantly to make it digestible to more discerning enthusiasts.

Painted in bright orange with matte black as a contrast color, and fitted with a prominent rear spoiler and diffuser, this Dart R/T concept looks pleasantly aggressive. But it also looks rather refined, thanks to a revised front fascia that turns the grille into a slit, while creating a large lower air intake visually separated by a body-colored strip. This feeds more air to the intercooler, Dodge says. We say it just looks cool.

The flat-black aluminum hood incorporates a large duct that not only appears awesome, but also feeds extra air to the unspecified engine’s intake box (the hood will be available as a Mopar add-on beginning early next year). Fiat-Chrysler claims the Dart R/T concept seems “poised to strike fear in the competition.” We wouldn’t go that far, but we will say that the package is an impressive improvement over the already sleek-looking Dart. With 18-inch lightweight wheels, a big-brake kit, and adjustable coil-over suspension from the Mopar catalog, it promises better road manners, too.

Who knows—this concept may actually inspire a series-production variant and add another chapter to Dodge’s remarkable history of compact high-performance beasts. Given the Dart’s general “meh”-ness, we think such a car can’t arrive quickly enough.

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