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Chili Cookoff Winners Crowned in Downtown Plymouth

Freshly made chili was a hot item Sunday in downtown Plymouth as thousands visited Kellogg Park for the Great Lakes Regional Chili Cookoff.

Cooks from around the country descended upon downtown Plymouth with hopes of taking home a plaque for their prized recipes.

The event also featured live music from Steve King and the Dittilies, children’s games and an abundance of flashy motorcycles.

Winners, as selected both by attendees and judges, included:

•Best Booth: Leo Buk, Nuclear Chili
•People’s Choice: Ron Smith, Motor City Harley Davidson
•Best Salsa: Bill “Gumby” Donovan
•Chili Verde: Richard Chauvin
•Red Chili: Diane Lentz
Richard Chauvin of Windsor, Ontario, winner of chili verde, said the Plymouth event likely was the most work he’s done for a chili cookoff, because of “the support the town gives.”

Chauvin said chili verde, or green chili, has a fresher taste than red chili.

“A mediocre green chili is better than a great red,” he said.

He said his recipe is “a little on the hot side,” and that he uses all fresh ingredients.

Chauvin, a retired accountant, said he cooks chili “just for fun,” but hasn’t ruled out going into the food business.

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