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Stealthy Black Victory Police Motorcycle on Patrol in Pasadena, Texas & Lenexa, Kansas

Watch your speed when driving around Pasadena, Texas, and Lenexa, Kansas, or you might meet a fellow Victory Rider – with a badge….

If you’re riding in Pasadena, Texas, a suburb just southeast of Houston, don’t zip past a beautiful black Cross Country and think “Hmmm, that’s a unique trunk.”

That trunk might actually be a mobile office box on a Commander I model, a custom-equipped bike from Victory Police Motorcycles.

The Pasadena [Texas] Police Department recently took delivery of Victory Police Motorcycles, and its first bike is this stealthy black model with minimal department graphics.

So if you’re driving near Pasadena, Texas, watch your speed and watch for an extremely handsome high-performance police bike – a Victory Police Motorcycle.

You’ll also see new Victory Police Motorcycles on the streets of Lenexa, Kansas. Details are below, under the Pasadena bike photos.

Victory Challenges High-Ball Riders to Be Among the First to 1,000 Miles on Their New Bobbers

Victory has begun shipping the new Hall-Ball, so now it’s time to ride. Fists up for the ‘Victory High-Ball Road to 1,000 Challenge”!

Fists up, High-Ball riders!

The all-attitude, no-frills new bobber from Victory is rolling off the assembly line and powering across America as riders take the “Victory High-Ball Road to 1,000 Challenge.”

The first 50 riders to log 1,000 miles on the new High-Ball will receive a set of limited-edition “Victory High-Ball Road to 1,000 Challenge” badges for their engine covers. These badges will not be available at retail. Riders will have to earn them with at least 1,000 miles of fist in the air, wind in the face riding.

“High-Ball owners live to ride, so they’re going to put some quick miles on these new bikes,” said Victory General Manager Steve Menneto. “They’ll have to stop long enough to shoot photos for the High-Ball Road to 1,000 Challenge, but you can bet they’ll be back on the road in no time.”

To score the limited-edition engine cover badges, a rider must be among the first 50 High-Ball owners to submit a photo of the bike’s odometer showing at least 1,000 miles, and a photo of the owner with the bike. Complete details about the Victory High-Ball Road to 1,000 Challenge are available on the Victory website:

These riders will also receive recognition on the “Road to 1,000 Wall of Fame” on the Victory website, and in Victory Rider magazine, which is mailed to over 50,000 Victory enthusiasts.

The new High-Ball was introduced in January and production of the new model began in early April at the Victory Final Assembly Facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa. This is the plant where every Victory motorcycle has been assembled since the first bike rolled off the line on July 4, 1998.

The High-Ball is a bobber-inspired model that is short on frills and long on attitude. It’s got throwback elements such as spoked wheels, whitewall tires and the signature ape hanger handlebars. It also has modern Victory performance from premium brakes and the powerful Victory Freedom® 106/6 V-Twin. This drivetrain features a 106-ci engine and a 6-speed transmission with true overdrive. The engine produces 97 hp and 113 ft-lb of torque.

Learn More at the Victory High-Ball Website
For complete details about the new Victory High-Ball, as well as photos and videos about the bike’s development, and a Victory dealer locator, visit