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More serious parking security

Many people never use their parking / emergency brakes, which can put
a great deal of pressure on the little parking pawl, a part of the
automatic transmission which holds all three to five thousand pounds of a
modern car, truck, or SUV.
One approach to the problem is using electrically operated, electronically
controlled, automatic parking brakes (a control for one is shown below).
 Electric parking brakes work automatically, so
people who don’t normally use the parking brakes
have no choice.
They also fix the problem of owners who don’t apply
the brake enough to actually stop the car from moving
(especially with hand-operated parking brakes, and any
manually adjusted parking brakes that are neglected by
owners and dealers alike). This relieves pressure on the
parking pawl, and cuts the admittedly remote chance of
the car moving on a steep hill.
parking pawl










A new approach from a Chrysler patent goes after the problem of
over-working the parking pawl differently. It uses the computer to
calibrate the transmission’s parking lock, using computer-controlled
actuators that figure out exactly how far the pawl can be pushed in, so
it’s fully engaged. The full system is described here. (Thanks, WhiteRhino07).