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20 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

1 . Gift cards/vouchers for experiences. My kids love going to the movies, minigolf, batting cages, bounce houses and roller rinks. But those things add up for us parents! Children should have access to mind-expanding activities so consider vouchers to their favorite (or new) experiences.

2. Suitcases. Even if they are going for a sleepover down the street, kids need suitcases. Plus, they get excited to have their very own to pull behind them.

3. Sleeping bags. They will get used more than you might think.

4. Car travel games and activities. Movies are great, they can’t fill ALL the time.

5. Audible/Audiobooks. Chapter books are great in the car on long road trips but Audible is pricey.

6. Restaurant cards and rewards program. Kids get SO excited to eat out and love to use their own “money.”

Gift-givers would be surprised as to how excited kids are to get gift cards to their favorite places.
7. Wall Calendars. Kids love to to see themselves and their family members throughout the year with a custom-made photo photo calendar.

8. Watches/clocks. Learning to tell time is hard. Help make it more fun with a character watch or something similar.

9. Subscription boxes. There are so many options for services, plans and type of boxes but these give year-round! Take kids on a journey every month with Little Passports, encourage their art with Kiwi Crate, for the LEGO and K’NEX lovers gift Pley, do GiftLit for the readers or get something for the scientist with kits from Bill Nye and STEM projects with Genius Box.

10. Outdoor kits. Kids love ant farms, bug collection kits, flashlights, stopwatches, gardening, bird watching, star gazing, and more. Help them embrace a love of the outdoors! The local Toys R Us or Target will have good options.

11. GPS and geocaching. Speaking of getting kids outside, consider geocaching. Get kids a little GPS and geocaching kit they can use and get them started. A popular kit is Brand 44 Geomate.Jr 2.0 Geocache GPS and Update Kit Combo. If you aren’t familiar, geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt that makes being outdoors fun.

12. Memberships to museums. Think zoos, aquariums, kids museums, all in the local area.

13. Clothes. I know that clothes aren’t the most rewarding to give to kids. But they actually do love getting things like hats, shoes, and pajamas. They especially love when they match other family members so think pajama sets for the whole family!

14. Apps and digital videos. Always. We live in a digital world and parents want to make sure they are providing their kids good options when it comes to screen time. Help make their choices easier by giving them money to pay for good ones to own.

15. Books. Always on these, too. Real books that you hold, not electronic ones.

16. Education money. Again, not exciting for the gift giver but college funds matter. You might also want to consider money for music lessons, sports, or anything extracurricular the child loves.

17. Art supplies. These always need to be replenished.

18. Magazine subscriptions. Kids are people, too, and like people they like getting real mail! Some fun subscriptions like Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. are sure to be a hit. Also consider Highlights For Children, Highlights High Five, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Little Kids.

19. Bike, bike accessories and gear. Every kid should have a bike. And a bike helmet to go with it. If a bike isn’t in the cards, consider skateboards (super-cool again … still?) and scooters. Obviously with helmets.

20. Games, especially family ones.

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The Art of Building with LEGO® Exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum

Draw inspiration for creating your own designs from the LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition exhibition in Henry Ford Museum. LEGO® Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker has re-created famous landmarks entirely with LEGO® bricks. The exhibition includes 13 models: Fallingwater, 7 South Dearborn, Chicago Spire, John Hancock Center, Marina City, Willis Tower, Trump Tower, Burj Khalifa, Empire State Building, St Louis Arch, TransAmerica Building, Jin Mao Tower and one of the World Trade Center towers.

Explore the architectural wonders, and then start your own construction project in the nearby play pit. When finished with your masterpiece, place it on our large-scale LEGO® city map that will grow in size with every new builder’s addition.

LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition was developed by the National Building Museum, Washington D.C. Play area sponsored through in-kind donation from LEGO® Systems, Inc. LEGO®, its logo and the brick and knob configuration are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2010-12 The LEGO Group.

Download a digital flyer for this event
Opening Weekend, November 3 & 4
See architectural artist Adam Reed Tucker build a LEGO® version of the Detroit landmark Ford Field.

LEGO® Create
After drawing inspiration from awe-inspiring structures, visitors are encouraged to create buildings to include in a LEGO® community. Using principles of good urban design, you’ll be invited to create a building from one of the four categories — residential, commercial, institutional and industrial — and then place the LEGO® models on a large-scale city map.
Daily through February 24, 9:30am–5pm
Inside Museum Gallery

LEGO® train
Don’t miss our LEGO® train created by Michigan LEGO® User Group
Daily through February 24, 9:30am-5pm
Near Allegheny Locomotive

Duplo® & Soft LEGO® Play Area
1- to 5-year–olds.
Daily through February 24, 9:30am–5pm
Depot Town – near the Allegheny Locomotive

Learn to Build Saturdays!
Make and buy OR make and leave.
Every weekend December 1–30, 10am–4pm

Brick Challenge with Nick Brickly
A double-dare-style LEGO® challenge with Michigan LEGO® User Group
Every Saturday, January 5–26, 11:30am–2pm

Adam Reed Tucker Returns!
Last time to see and meet architecture artist Adam Reed Tucker.
February 23–24

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