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Dodge Brothers Club issues Centennial Poster



The Dodge Brothers Club is celebrating the Dodge Centennial with a special, limited-edition poster showcasing the largest gathering ever of early Dodge Brothers vehicles.

The Centennial gathering photo was taken June 26 at Meadow Brook Hall, the home built by  Matilda Dodge Wilson, John Dodge’s widow, in Rochester Hills, Michigan. It was one of the highlights of the Club’s six-day Centennial Tour event that ran from June 22 to June 27.

“The poster spotlights the biggest gathering of 1914-1938 Dodge Brothers vehicles ever, at least that we are aware of,” said Barry Cogan, the club’s president. “Our annual club gathering was very special this year, as it coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Dodge brand. This limited-edition offering provides the perfect way to commemorate the centennial of the vehicles produced by John and Horace Dodge, and demonstrate how their legacy lives on today.”

The Club’s 35th annual summer drew nearly 325 attendees from six different countries, including a contingent of about 30 owners from Australia and New Zealand. There were 91 registered Dodge Brothers vehicles, of which 80 can be seen in the poster.

The 36ʺ x 12ʺ limited-edition poster will be available for a donation of $5 plus S & H, at the Dodge Brothers Club’s online store, They will also be available at the Fall Hershey Region AACA Meet, scheduled for October 8–11, at the Dodge Brothers Club display.

The Dodge Brothers Club was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1986 for the research and preservation of Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles and Graham Brothers Commercial Vehicles, dating from 1914-1938. The club hosts an annual meet each year, alternating between locations east and west of the Mississippi River.

Chrysler Commercial Vehicle Heritage | Dodge Brothers Inc. Joins the Chrysler Group Family

May 28 marks an important milestone in our history here at Chrysler Commercial Vehicles.  It was on this day in 1928 that Dodge Brothers Inc. — a pioneer in utility and work vehicles — became a part of the Chrysler family.

The official history of the Dodge automobile begins in 1914, but the story of the Dodge brothers in the automobile business reaches back even further. Brothers John and Horace Dodge, talented machinists and ambitious businessmen, rose from humble beginnings to become giants in the early American automobile industry.

In 1901, after several years of building bicycles and piecework components for the budding auto industry, the brothers founded a machine shop in Detroit and began producing transmissions.

In 1914, the brothers formed a new company, Dodge Brothers, Inc., capitalized with $5 million in common stock, and began building their own vehicles — the world’s first mass-produced all-steel touring cars. In 1915, more than 45,000 Dodge cars were built and sold, the best first-year sales record for a new car in the industry at the time.

With their early passenger cars earning recognition for durability and value, the Dodge brothers soon began considering ways to convert their successful car platform to truck applications. During 1917, their firm began producing “commercial cars,” including military ambulances and screen-sided business trucks. Panel delivery trucks, fire trucks, pickups, chassis-cabs and other models were soon offered.

1924 Dodge Brothers Screenside truck

During 1920, the company lost its founding fathers. John Dodge died in January, and his younger brother Horace succumbed the following December.

A New York investment banking firm paid the brothers’ widows, in a single cash payment, $146 million for the Dodge Brothers firm. Within three years, the bankers initiated negotiations, and on May 28, 1928, Walter P. Chrysler purchased Dodge Brothers, Inc. for $170 million, making it, at the time, the largest business transaction in history.

When the transaction was complete, the Chrysler Corporation had grown fivefold overnight to become the third of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers.

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