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Hellcat Challenger makes its pop culture debut

Opinion. After the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat made its music video debut in Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear” video, the two-door Mopar muscle car packing the 707 horsepower Hellcat Hemi has made its own popular culture debut.

Like the Hellcat Charger, the supercharger Challenger has scored a role in a rap video, but where the Charger made a cameo appearance, the Challenger is a main character in this new video. Best of all, joining the Hellcat Challenger in this new rap video is another 2015 Challenger that appears to be a V6 SXT model based on the lack of obvious badging.

I have to say that this isn’t my type of music and, honestly, I’ve never heard of most of the guys rapping in this video, so the Hellcat Challenger doesn’t get the same level of attention that the Charger did with the Eminem video. However, this is an official video from the new The Fast and the Furious series movie Furious 7, so not only will it get lots of attention from the hip-hop community, but it will also get plenty of attention from fans of the FATF movie series — indeed, close involvement with the series has played a part in more than 3 million people watching the “Ride Out” video. All of those people have watched the Hellcat Challenger and the 2015 Challenger SXT tearing it up in the video.

This injection of the 2015 Challenger in both V6 and Hellcat form into the rap world is a big deal, as this type of non-traditional marketing attracts much younger buyers, and while they may not be able to afford a Hellcat, the V6 Challenger shown doing many of the same stunts as the 707hp version should help the SXT model appeal to those who are looking for an affordable muscle car.

So, if you hate rap music, it is probably best to watch the first music video featuring the Hellcat Challenger and the 2015 Challenger SXT with the volume turned down, but it’s still fun to watch the various Mopars in this piece getting down and dirty for the video and for the new Furious 7 movie.

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2011 Chrysler 300 hits the Mark!

The Chrysler 200 has been getting a lot of attention after the hit Super Bowl Commercial with Eminem but don’t forget about the Chrysler 300. The ALL-NEW Chrysler 300 has undergone a Major Re-Design and has emerged better than ever! It’s exciting exterior and luxury interior sets it apart from any other large size sedan on the market!

The 300’s exterior showcases a strong front design with Audi-esque cut LEDs that immediately grab your attention. A new seven-blade grille with a little cut in the blades that gives the grille a three-dimensional look when the car is on the road. C-shaped LEDS and projector-beam headlights complete the new sleek front end. The 300’s body is more mature all the way around. This is the car that proves Chrysler knows what luxury cars should look and feel like. Available With a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 cranking out 363 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque that can effortlessly send this car from 0 to 60 mph in six seconds.

This Hemi includes a cylinder shut-off system that will stop using four cylinders when power isn’t needed, such as highway cruising. Chrysler says it can save up to 20 percent on fuel. That’s one of the reasons the V8 manages to hit 25 mpg on the highway. The 18 mpg in city driving is a respectable number.

Designers have created an amazing interior where everything is new. The big seats are comfortable and firm. The front seats include a four-way lumbar system and Chrysler mixed up the types of foam used in the seat, making the cushion softer, the bolsters firmer and the back just right. If you are looking for luxury and comfort the 2011 300 certainly hits the mark!

The Longest Super Bowl Commercial Ever

One of the most talked about Super Bowl Commercials
this year was also the longest Super Bowl commercial in history.

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Detroit, Michigan 2011