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Come Ride with Dick Scott’s Indian Motorcycle Detroit

The Indian Riders Group – Southeastern Michigan is ready to ride again! All riders are welcome to join us.

We will meet at Dick Scott’s Indian Motorcycle Detroit at 6:00pm on Tuesday, May 19th, for a ride to the Bike Night “Kick Off Party” at 59West in Highland.

We are located at 41775 Michigan Ave Canton, MI 48188.

For more information, call Jeff Scott at 734-398-5454. We look forward to this and many more IRG events to come.

“Let’s Ride!”


ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology


Introducing five distinct vehicle platforms with ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology from Chrysler LLC. Chrysler has been hard at work updating the three ENVI-powered Electric Vehicles (EV) you first saw in September 2008. Plus they added two more exciting products to their production-intent lineup. ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology enables a new standard of quiet, smooth and efficient operation.

What That Means For You

• No compromise on performance, agility, space and design
• Instantaneous acceleration and responsiveness
• Continuing to drive the way you drive today
• Being environmentally responsible
• Ability to own one of these electric vehicles as soon as 2010
• At least three more models available by 2013

How It Works

– ENVI’s all-electric EVs provide a 150- to 200-mile driving range on zero gasoline and no tailpipe emissions

– ENVI’s Range-extended Electric Vehicles can travel 40 miles on battery power

– The range extender is a small internal combustion engine and integrated generator that produces electricity that extends the range to 400 miles,using very little gasoline

– Overnight charging with a standard 110-volt household outlet

– Charging time is cut in half with 220-volt household appliance power outlet

Check back for more details on these revolutionary vehicles or visit for more details

The Nissan Rogue, More Car than SUV

By Nikki McLaughlin

The new Nissan Rogue is one of Nissan’s newer SUV models. However, to the surprise of many SUV owners, after driving the Rogue, it seems to be more car than SUV. With the Rogue, the evolution of the car-based SUV seems to have hit an all time high! It’s mostly car, but does seem to retain plenty of the utility of a SUV.

It rides like a car, very smooth and comfortable. It handles like a car, taking curves with well-controlled lean. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds which is an amazing accomplishment considering its four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission. The 2.5L churns out 170 horsepower and drives the front-wheels. All-wheel drive is available for mainly on-road usage.

The Rogue also comes nicely equipped for the driver, the lightly bolstered seats are high for a good driving position, and the radio has only one round knob not two. It also has two large, truck-like, side view mirrors. Don’t forget the ample passenger space and the large luggage storage that makes this SUV perfect for everyday driving or long distance travel.

The four-wheel disc brakes are anti-locking to go with vehicle dynamic control.

This SUV also comes competitively priced starting around $21,000 but not skimping on the equipment. The base model comes standard with tilt steering column, cruise control, A/C, trip computer and what Nissan calls “Mood Lighting.”

Even the premium package won’t break your budget, at $25,400 you add an amazing sound system, fog lights, built in navigation system, and audio controls on the steering wheel. There is pre-wiring for a towing hitch, but the maximum weight is only 1,500 pounds, which is still not bad for all the other great features you are getting.

Don’t forget one of the highest fuel economy ratings for an SUV at 22 city and 27 highway, except for when towing.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, and SUV for extra interior room plus all your utility needs, and the benefit of higher fuel economy and sharper handling for everyday city driving. Nissan has really out done themselves on this one of a kind SUV!