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PURPLE HEART TO BE AWARDED AT Northville Independence Day Parade

A Northville resident, Mr. Condrad Podolski-Dowel will receive a Purple Heart which he earned in the Korean War. After the National Anthem in front of City Hall, the military will take over and award Mr. Podolski-Dowel his Purple Heart.

Read on to see why it took So Long for him to receive this award!

His life’s journey has been most interesting…

After high school and uncertain of his future he decided to enter the Trapist Monk’s Monastery in Kentucky. After one year and for health reasons, Mr. Dowel found it necessary to change careers. The Korean War was in full force and Mr. Dowel decided to serve his country as an Army Combat Medic in Korea. He served 3 years in the military and was honorably discharged in 1953. During his time in Korea and as part of his job as a Medic, he was loading wounded soldiers onto a jeep when the vehicle was hit by a bomb. His arms and back were injured and he was hospitalized in Japan for several weeks. He earned the Purple Heart (but was never awarded) because of the injuries sustained while helping the wounded soldiers.

After his recuperation he was sent to Ida Jima, Japan to train as an Airborne Ranger, Mr. Dowel was actually one of the first Airborne Rangers. He also continued being a medic for the injured on the front line.

After his discharge from the military he decided to pursue a career Psychotherapy earning his PHD in both Philosophy and Education and ultimately became a Child Psychotherapist in several school systems working with ‘special needs’ children until he retired in 1985. To demonstrate his caring, it was at this time that Mr. Podolski changed his name to Dowel because it would be easier for the children to pronounce.

And through all of this somehow the Purple Heart was never received until Monday, July 4, 2011. The reason it has taken so long, as he says, “I was trying to figure out who do I contact?”

Fortunately, Brigadier General Fausone had once worked with Mrs. Dowel and she was able to put Mr. Dowel in touch with the right person, Jim Dempsey of the Disabled American Veterans. Mr. Dowel began this journey about 18 months ago. Why did it take 18 months?

For one thing there was a fire at a military storage area in Chicago and that is where Mr. Dowell’s records were. He now had to retrace his military career right back to Korea and Japan to verify that he was in the military and was wounded while on duty. Thanks to photos, arm bands, and medical records in Japan, his service and injuries were all verified.

Monday, at the Northville Independence Day Parade Opening Ceremonies Mr. Podolski-Dowel will receive his Purple Heart as well as his Combat Injury Medal. Immediately after the Anthem in front of Northville City Hall, Mr. Dowel will receive his Purple Heart awarded by Military dignitaries.

Article courtesy of the June 30, 2011 Northville e-newsletter