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Is The Nissan Versa Safe?

by Tim Joseph

A lot of people ask me if the Nissan Versa is safe. This has become an even bigger issue now that Chrysler and Nissan have announced a partnership to build cars for each other. Nissan is going to be developing a small vehicle for Chrysler and Chrysler will develop a large pickup for Nissan. Here is what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has to say:

The following are in oder, Front, Rear, Side. Good is the highest rating available.
Nissan Versa Good, Good, Good
Toyota Yaris (w/ sidebags) Good, Good, Marginal
Honda Fit Good, Good, Poor
Mini Cooper (tested previously) Good, Acceptable, Marginal
Chevrolet Aveo Acceptable, Marginal, Poor
Scion xB Good, Poor, Marginal
Toyota Yaris (w/o side airbags) Good, Poor, Marginal
Hyundai Accept Acceptable, Poor, Poor


Kia Of The Future

by Tim Joseph

It may be hard to believe but Kia went bankrupt 10 years ago due to the Asian financial crisis. It may be hard to believe because today Kia is so well established and growing by leaps and bounds. In 1998 Kia was sold to Hyundai Motor Company. Back then Kia sold two vehicles, the Sephia and the Sportage. Just a car and an SUV.

Today, Kia has a whole lineup of vehicles including cars of all different prices and styles, SUV’s, crossovers, and a mini van. Not only that but they have been ranked highest in quality and backed by a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. Kia’s sales are ever increasing at a time when everyone else’s sales are decreasing. There is a reason. Kia is a high quality vehicle at a very affordable price.

Where will Kia be in the future? Kia recently hired Peter Schreyer—one of the automobile industry’s most celebrated and influential designers—to be their Chief Design Officer. Schreyer is the man behind the Volkswagen New Beetle, the Audi TT and the Lamborghini Murciélago and Gallardo. He is a true innovator and will surely take Kia to the next lever.

Eui Sun Chung, President and CEO of Kia, is excited that Mr. Schreyer has joined Kia, commenting, “As we continue to develop the Kia brand, we must continually enhance our vehicles through world class, innovative advances in product design. Mr. Schreyer’s appointment underlines our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations.

“Mr. Schreyer’s track record speaks for itself. We are looking forward to laying out a long-term strategy that will center on molding a unique and consistent design lineage for the entire future Kia lineup. We are focused on boosting our competitiveness and image by dramatically upgrading the design element, while adding a strong emotional dimension to the brand.” That “strong emotional dimension,” as Mr. Chung so eloquently puts it? That’s passion.

So if you’re impressed with Kia now compared to 1998, just wait. It will only get better.

If you’re interested in checking out what Kia has to offer, Please contact Dick Scott Kia at (734) 397-9900

Nissan Altima Put To The Test

by Tim Joseph

Let’s face it; we put a lot of blind faith in the vehicles we buy. We don’t know who built it, who tested it, how it was tested, did the engineers really know what they were doing…etc. Nissan has an answer to, at least a couple questions regarding how well made your car really is. has posted a series of videos showing you what type of tests they put the Nissan Altima through to unsure you are driving a quality vehicle. Take a look at the Altima tests and I think you’ll agree with me when I say I’m glad I wasn’t the one who tested it!

Nissan’s Memorial Day Sale

Nissan North America and Dick Scott Nissan are pleased to announce their Memorial Day Bonus Cash offer. You have two days only to take advantage of these incentives. May 23rd and 24th.

Purchase one of the following new Nissan vehicles and receive an extra rebate in addition to the already fantastic incentive.

$500 off:
– 08 Versa
– 08 Sentra
– 08 Altima Sedan & Coupe
– 08 Maxima
– 08 350Z Coupe & Roadster
– 08 Rogue
– 09 Murano

$1,500 off:
– 07 350Z Roadster

$1,000 off:
– 07 350Z Coupe & NISMO
– 08 Xterra
– 08 Pathfinder
– 08 Frontier
– 08 & 08 1/2 Titan
– 08 & 08 1/2 Armada
– 08 & 08 1/2 Quest

For example- 2008 Titan currently has a $5,000 rebate. On May 23rd or 24th you’ll get $6,000 off!

Call Dick Scott Nissan at (734) 495-1000 to schedule your test drive today!

$2.99 Extended!

by Tim Joseph

Just yesterday I was telling you how successful our $2.99 per gallon program was doing. Why wouldn’t it be? With the cost of a barrel now heading toward $130 it seems like there will be no relief anytime soon. But the bad news is you weren’t quite ready to lease or purchase a new vehicle! The good news is that Chrysler LLC has just announced that they are extending the program until July 7, 2008! Now you have a little bit more time to lock in that price for 3 years.

Refuel America Update

by Tim Joseph

On May 7 when we announce the $2.99 per gallon Refuel America program from Chrysler, the cost of gas in our area was arounf $3.61 per gallon. Since then the priced has gone up over 30 cents a gallon. When they announced the program we never could have imagined that the price of gas would go up so quickly. This has made the program that much more valuable to our customers and I just wanted to revisit the program here on the blog.

The Refuel America program has become a great success. A lot of people who wanted to purchase a new SUV or minivan to take on vacation were wondering if they could even afford a vacation with the rising gas prices. Now they can. Others wanted smaller vehicles to save money on gas but were afraid that is gas prices kept going up they would still feel the pintch. Whatever the reason, this program has helped out a lot of people. If you’re thinking of a new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle, please contact our Dodge store in Plymouth at (800) 571-6906 or our Motormall in Fowlerville at (800) 486-2415.

2008 Dodge Challenger

Dick Scott is excited about the opportunity to provide our customers with two of the most talked about vehicles of the year. The 2009 Nissan GT-R and the 2008 Dodge Challenger. Edmunds had this to say about the Challenger:

The 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is a muscle car, right? An American muscle car. So naturally, the first thing I want to do when I jump behind the wheel is a big American smoky burnout. “Not here,” says Pete Gladysz, the Dodge guy babysitting our test car and riding shotgun, as he looks around the leafy, tranquil residential street we’re on in the middle of Pasadena. “Wait ’till we get to the track.” Gladysz, powertrain senior manager for Chrysler LLC’s SRT Group, sounds serious. So I wait.

A Big Brute
With all that bulk and its softer shock tuning, I frankly don’t expect much in the handling department. Like that Charger, around town the Challenger is a big, heavy, ponderous car, a feeling amplified by its heavily bolstered, leather-upholstered bucket seats and the greenhouse of mail-slot-size windows. But the harder I push the Challenger on the endless curves of the Angeles Forest Highway, the lighter on its feet it gets. This car belies its nose-heavy 54 percent front/46 percent rear weight distribution with a neutral feel right up to the point where the electronic stability program (ESP) starts to activate. In fact, the ESP is programmed to let you play a little with oversteer if you want to balance weight transfer with throttle in tight corners. And in broader sweeping turns, you can actually hang the rear end out a little before the ESP selectively applies braking and modulates throttle input to save you from yourself. Later, at the test track negotiating our 600-foot slalom, the Challenger’s capabilities once again became obvious on the first flat, controlled pass. From then on, it’s only a matter of finding the quick way through the cones. Our testers note a quite neutral balance despite being a little vague on turn-in, but the short suspension travel helps transitions from left to right.

The Real Deal
The 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 will be the talk of the town for the next few months, as well it should be. Available in Hemi Orange, Bright Silver Metallic or Brilliant Black, it looks, feels and sounds like a muscle car. It’s got one of the sweetest exhaust notes you’ll hear this side of a Flowmaster muffler. And they’re only building 6,400 examples before they move on to lesser-powered versions. Of those, 4,000 are already sold. With all the standard leather inside and all kinds of high-tech stuff in the instrument panel, it’s something of a performance bargain at its $40,095 base price. It’s a true muscle car in every sense of the word.

Field Elementry School PTA

Yesterday, May 14, 2008, Jason Scott had the privilege of presenting a check to Field Elementary School in Canton, MI. The PTA used Dick Scott Dodge to raise funds by sending people to test drive new Dodge Journey vehicles. They earned $5 for every test drive. The school’s Principal, Pete Kudlak, and PTA President, Ann Marie Rockov, were kind enough to stop by the dealership personally.

The program was a huge success, not only for the dealership but for the PTA who earned a check for $880.

”Drive for the Kids is a mutually beneficial program. We’re happy to help the school, and we really enjoy demonstrating a terrific product, said Jason Scott, General Manager of Dick Scott Dodge. “Parents are genuinely interested in testing the versatility of the minivans, and appreciate the extra dollars for the school. I think everyone had a good time.”

Drive for the Kids was introduced in 1994. Since then, Dodge dealers have worked with parents and educators to conduct thousands of school fundraising events in communities across the nation. These events help to fund student needs from playgrounds and field trips to reading programs and computers.

It’s another way we show that we’re committed to this community.

Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day Run

Dick Scott Dodge will be sponsoring the 29th Annual Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day Run. The event will take place on June 15, 2008. This run has become a tradition for many families in the community as well as many from Canada, Florida and New York. Last year, over 1500 runners took to the streets of Downtown Plymouth.

The Father’s Day run is not only important because it is a tradition; it is also a huge part of the Strong Kids Scholarship program. This provides children with life changing experiences that would not be possible otherwise.

To further support the Plymouth YMCA, Dick Scott is having a used cell phone drive at all of our locations. We will have donation boxes set up in the show rooms of each of our dealerships to collect your old cell phones. All proceeds will go to help the Plymouth YMCA. If you would like to volunteer to work or run in the event please go to the Plymouth YMCA website for more information.

The "Dick Scott Difference"

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  • Best Value Guarantee
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  • Full Service Parts & Service Department: Featuring extended service and sales hours, factory trained and certified personnel, online appointment scheduling, free car washes, early-bird drop off service, free shuttle service, Genuine Nissan parts and accessories. We service all makes and models!

**Check with your Salesperson or Service Advisor for complete details**
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