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When Life Gives You Lemons

by Tim Joseph

… Make Lemonade.

It has been a busy week here at Dick Scott. Since announcing late last week that Chrysler Financial will cease it’s leasing programs we have been flooded with customers coming in to lease new vehicles. While it has been busy, it has been good for us. One week after the big announcement comes another announcement. Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli gave us a peak at things to come when he said “If we’re successful with some of our discussions relative to alliances or partnerships you very well could see some new platforms, some new vehicles out next year.”

Way back on June 17th we showed you a picture of what many people believe is the vehicle that Nissan will be building for Chrysler within the next couple years. Nardelli was not specific as to which vehicle could be coming down the pipeline next year. Chrysler has also been in talks with Chery Automobile Co. to bring a Chinese vehicle to America. They have also reportedly been in talks with Fiat.

“For sure we’ve got a strong lineup coming in 2010 with all of the traditional brands,” Nardelli said, “but more fuel efficiency, better performance, better fit, better finish, a lot more consumer-oriented responses.” It’s music to our ears.