Mopar offers more than 200 products for the all-new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator

The all-new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator continues the brand’s legacy of go-anywhere capability and the ability to personalize a vehicle to the needs of the owner.

When Jeep unveiled the Gladiator last year, there were more than 200 Jeep Performance Parts and Mopar accessories available for the Jeep Gladiator at launch. Since then, the teams at Mopar have continued to add to this list.

A sampling of these accessories were placed on a new Jeep Gladiator to showcase the diverse options available.

“The (Moparized) Jeep Gladiator has a more aggressive stance and that’s because of Mopar’s two-inch suspension lift,” said Keith Wisinski, Mopar Accessories and Product Planner. “The Mopar suspension lift was designed by Mopar engineers and Fox Shocks to develop a more aggressive stance, allowing you to put bigger tires and wheels on your Jeep Gladiator.”

Ingenious, useful and helpful Mopar-tested accessories can be found throughout the Moparized Gladiator.  On the front, there’s Mopar 7-inch LED lights with 8,000 lumen output attached to a Mopar grille guard. Attached to the Gladiator’s A-pillar are 5-inch LED off-road lights that can put out 4,800 lumens.

There’s also Mopar’s off-road wheels, heavy-duty off-road rock rails and two-inch tubular doors.  

On the back of the Mopar-modified Gladiator there’s a tri-fold tonneau cover over the bed. Inside of the bed is a modular storage system that has two drawers with 200-pound capacity.

Inside of the Gladiator are grab handles that are available for the first and second row. There’s also Mopar all-weather floor mats with a removable drain plug for easy drainage. 

In addition to all of the noticeable exterior features, under the hood is Mopar’s cold air intake, which provides clean, fresh air to the engine. 

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