Ram Trucks in 2019: A Lineup for the Ages and an Eye on What’s Next

From the All-New 2019 Ram 1500 to the Ram 1500 Classic to Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab, our current lineup of trucks is without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen.

As Vice President of U.S. Sales Operations, Fleet and Small Business, FCA US LLC, I’m biased of course. But after 34 years in the automotive business, I also know trucks. And so does my team. We know what makes a good one. We know capability and performance are paramount to fleet managers and business owners alike, that residual value and total cost of ownership are as well. We know the 2019 Ram lineup excels in these categories and more.

Not only do we know trucks, we’re not afraid to give a nod to the competition, when it’s deserved, or credit to our colleagues when they’ve earned it. In this case, the nod goes to our FCA associates who worked tirelessly developing a Chassis Cab with best-in-class horsepower* (Ram 3500), a Heavy Duty truck with best-in-class diesel towing (Ram 2500), a Light Duty pickup with best-in-class available V8 towing (All-New Ram 1500). And the list goes on.

We know it’s not just us taking notice. From articles like this one hailing the Ram 1500 as THE truck to buy in 2019 to multiple Truck of the Year awards from highly respected organizations, Ram Trucks is getting the media and industry attention it deserves.

That said, we are not a company that will rest on its laurels. As much as we believe in our current lineup, we are constantly seeking out opportunities to better serve our customers. For example, while the industry as a whole has struggled in recent years to meet increasing commercial demand, we recognized and addressed the issue early on, implementing a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar plan to ramp up production at plants in Michigan and beyond, well before the competition. We see it as an investment in our future and our communities. It’s also a doubling down on our commitment to provide great vehicles in a timely manner to our customers, who deserve – and will get – the best we have to offer.

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