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The FCA cars with residual value awards

Two vehicles from FCA US have earned ALG’s Residual Value Awards, according to a recent press release. The awards reflect vehicles that have the highest residual values in their class.

High residual values allow automakers to earn more from leases (or set their lease rates lower), while customers who buy the cars can get more money for them on trade-in, adding greatly to their value.

Traditionally, Japanese cars have had much higher residuals than American cars, but there are some exceptions.  One has, for a long time, been the Jeep Wrangler, which holds its value remarkably well; ALG predicted that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler would continue that tradition, giving it the Residual Value Award for off-road utility vehicles.

The Dodge Charger’s relatively low price, for a full-size sedan, likely helped it to win the Full-Size Car segment. The Charger Hellcat holds the top speed of any sedan sold in the US, at over 200 mph; various Chargers have all wheel drive, and a choice of one V6 or three V8 engines.

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