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The Demon's Speed-Limited Drag Radial Tires Make it Slower Than the Cherokee Trackhawk

The Dodge Challenger Demon’s tires are basically street-legal Nitto drag radials. We already know the rubber will start cracking under 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but it turns out there’s another side-effect of using a super-soft compound with barely any tread: A limited top speed.

The Demon is electronically limited to 168 mph thanks to the standard Nitto tires, making it the slowest car in the Hellcat family. Both the Hellcat Challenger and Charger have top speeds around 200 mph, while the Cherokee Trackhawk tops out at around 180 mph.

But, as Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained tells us, the Demon wasn’t built for top speed—it was built to annihilate the quarter mile. Top speed stability is sacrificed for longitudinal grip provided by the 315-section width rear Nittos, making the wheelie launches and sub 10-second quarter-mile times possible.

Fenske goes on to say that with a set of high speed-rated tires and the speed-limiter removed, the Demon could theoretically hit 200. Hopefully an owner will make that happen soon.

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