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2018 Dodge Charger pricing released

The 2018 Dodge Charger is now live in the “Build & Price” section of, giving us a chance to check out the new trim line layout, the new pricing, and how the new numbers compare to 2017 prices.

Technically, getting into a 2018 Charger will cost a little more than it did for 2017, due to the elimination of the SE packages, leaving the SXT as the entry level Charger. Fortunately, the 2018 Charger SXT costs a little less than it did for 2017, so while the old base model is gone, the new base model costs less than it did in 2017.

Other than the change in the trim line layout, the pricing changes for the 2018 Dodge Charger were fairly minor, with some models starting a little higher while others are lower than 2017. Today, we bring you a look at the new trim layout for the 2018 model year, broken down by engine size.

Pentastar V6 Cars
The 2018 Dodge Charger is available in five trim lines featuring the 3.6L Pentastar V6, starting with the new base model SXT. In 2017 (and earlier), the SE was the barebones base model, but that package has been removed, making the SXT the entry level option. However, the SXT continues on with similar content – it isn’t just the SE package renamed the SXT. So if you loved the barebones version of the Charger SE, you will need to find a 2017 model still sitting on the lot.

In addition to the 2018 Dodge Charger SXT becoming the new base model, it receives a drop in price of $1,500, starting at $28,495. The SXT package is joined by the new SXT Plus, SXT Plus Leather and two new all-wheel drive options – the GT and the GT Plus. For 2017, the Charger SXT was offered with AWD but for 2018, only the GT model comes with AWD while the SXT models are all rear wheel drive.

So, the SE is gone altogether and the SXT AWD is no longer offered, but the 2018 Charger SXT costs less and includes two new trim lines which build on it while the GT AWD models are also new – following the trim layout of the Dodge Challenger.

Trim – 2017 Price – 2018 Price – Change
SE – $27,995 – NA – NA
SXT (RWD) – $29,995 – $28,495 – ($1,500)
SXT Plus – NA – $30,495 – New
SXT (AWD) – $31,995 – NA – NA
GT – NA – $32,495 – New
SXT Plus Leather – NA – $33,495 – New
GT Plus – NA – $35,495 – New

5.7L Hemi V8 Cars
While there were some changes for the 2018 Dodge Charger V6 lineup, the changes among the V8 cars all pertain to pricing and options, with the same 2 trimlines returning from 2017. The 2018 Charger R/T costs $100 more than the 2017 version while the Daytona drops by $1,000.

Trim – 2017 Price – 2018 Price – Change
R/T – $34,895 – $34,995 – +$100
Daytona – $39,995 – $38,995 – ($1,000)

6.4L Hemi V8 Cars
Next up, we have those 2018 Dodge Charger models which are powered by the 6.4L 392 cubic inch Hemi – the R/T Scat Pack, the Daytona 392 and the SRT 392.  Each of these models remains at the same price point for the new model year; so in the list below, there is only one price which applies to both 2017 and 2018.

Trim – 2017/2018 Pricing
R/T Scat Pack – $39.995
Daytona 392 – $44,995
SRT 392 – $51,145

The Hellcat
Finally, the 2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (shown above in F8 Green) gets some new badging inside and out as well as a $350 price hike.

Trim – 2017 Price – 2018 Price – Change
SRT Hellcat – $67,645 – $67,995 – +$350

You can build and price your own 2018 Dodge Charger online now at If you want to see the 2018 models in person there are 2018 Chargers on lots around the country right now.

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