Buying a Demon Crate

The 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon has an intriguing $1 option — the Demon Crate, which includes branded tools and accessories.

To prevent abuse, the bargain-priced Crate can’t be purchased by dealers when the car is ordered; the customer can only order it 48 hours after taking delivery of the car. The instrument panel badge, personalized with the customer’s name, cannot be changed, and is in the Crate. Customers can only order the Crate if their name matches the one on the order; and they have to order it from the Demon Concierge.

So what does the Crate include?

– Front Runner Drag Wheels
– High Octane Engine Calibration
– Passenger Mirror Block-Off Plate
– Performance Air Filter (Demon-branded)
– Trunk Foam Case (Demon-branded)
– Fender Cover (Demon-branded)
– Personalized instrument panel badge
– Shipping crate (Demon-branded)
– Demon-branded tools in a bag: torque wrench, extension, and socket; cordless impact wrench; hydraulic floor jack and carrying bag; and tire pressure gauge.

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