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Parking Pointer: Is It Safer to Back in or Pull Forward?

Parking your car can be tricky, especially when so many things can go wrong. Most Americans—76 percent—prefer pulling into a spot and then backing out, according to AAA research. But the safest way to park is to back into a space and then pull forward when you’re leaving.* This method maximizes your visibility and minimizes your chances of hitting a cyclist, pedestrian or another car. But backing into a parking spot can be intimidating.

Check the area for pedestrians and moving vehicles before putting your car into reverse.

Don’t depend on your car’s backup camera or mirrors to see what’s behind you.

Tap your brake pedal to increase your visibility to others.

Back slowly into your spot, continuing to check the area for people.

Park away from entrances and other cars when possible.

* Always follow posted parking signs. Some municipalities do not allow motorists to back into a parking space.

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