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New 4×4 Holiday, New Jeep® Brand Snapchat, More Reasons to get Muddy

For true adventurers and Jeep® brand enthusiasts, April showers bring something even better than flowers — mud, and plenty of reasons to get dirty. This past April 4th the Jeep® brand celebrated 4×4 Day with Save the Dirt fan photos and the launch of the new official Jeep® brand Snapchat channel.

4×4 Day on April 4th

Get it? 4×4 on 4-4. It’s the new holiday that celebrates the wave goodbye to winter — when off-road enthusiasts finally drop the top for spring and take to the trails to splash around in the mud made by the melting snow. What could be better than going from season to season while you Go Anywhere, Do Anything®?

As with any good holiday, what really makes 4×4 Day special is the tradition and the memories. So for this inaugural celebration the Jeep® brand pulled out all the stops, leaving no trail unexplored, no puddle unsplashed, no chat unsnapped and no dirt unsaved. Take a look at the new tradition.

Jeep® Brand Snapchat

This year we marked the special April 4th 4×4 holiday with the launch of the official Jeep® Snapchat channel (username “Jeep”). The Snapchat launch included fan voting on the top Jeep® vehicles, and a national Snapchat filter. In addition, at 2,000 FCA dealerships across the country, Snapchat users will find a geo-targeted Jeep® filter through the end of June.

Off-roading, of course, is more than just one day or one snap — it’s a way of life. By using the #4x4ever hashtag, Jeep® enthusiasts can continue to show off their trail pics and videos beyond the holiday. Select lucky fans who use the hashtag may even receive a Jeep® branded keychain capsule that features the 4×4 Day 2016 logo.

Off-roaders know that few things feel better than showing up at the office on Monday in a freshly mud-caked Jeep® Wrangler. With that in mind, to coincide with the Snapchat campaign, the Jeep brand launched a #SaveTheDirt call to action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Instead of taking your Jeep® vehicle to the car wash after a weekend of trail riding, take a picture and post it as a badge of honor from your latest weekend adventure. Go ahead, give them something to talk about until the next 4×4 Day.

The spirit of the 4×4 Day lives on as a yearlong celebration of the Jeep® life. Keep posting your photos, and connect with Jeep® brand social channels at

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