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Hellcat Challenger goes 171 mph on ice

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the fastest production cars in the world, with a top speed of 199 miles per hour.

That number was recorded on a test track on a warm, dry day, but a Hellcat owner in Sweden wanted to see how fast he could get moving in the most powerful American muscle car ever, on a frozen lake bed.

hellcat ice record

This record-setting top speed run was made during the Årsunda Speed Weekend in Sweden, with only two modifications to the Hellcat Challenger – studded front and rear tires, and a bit of weight in the trunk for extra rear end ballast. Both measures help the Hellcat put the power to the ground and help the driver keep the car pointed straight ahead.

Even with the huge spikes and added weight over the drive wheels, the Hellcat Challenger spun the tires from the beginning of the run.

Speaking of keeping the car pointed straight ahead, when you watch this video below of the record-setting run, pay close attention to how much the driver is steering. By the time that he is up to 75 miles per hour or so, he is cutting hard back and forth at the steering wheel simply to go straight.

He hit a top speed of 274.56 kilometers per hour (170.6 miles per hour), and over the course of the 1 kilometer ice track, the Hellcat Challenger averaged around 162 miles per hour.

hellcat ice tires

The video calls this run a record, and it seems that the title is the fastest ever Challenger on ice, although it is unclear how many other Challenger owners have attempted it. Now that one Hellcat owner has staked his claim for the fastest Challenger on ice, we might see more owners taking their shot at the 170.6 mph record.

In the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy the sweet sound of a Hellcat Challenger going 170.6 miles per hour on a frozen lake bed. Thanks, Mike LaLouette.

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