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“RT” Dodge Caravan keeps going

According to RamMan, the current-style Dodge Caravan will keep going through the full 2016 model year. oh2o and other sources had told Allpar of this months ago, but it was recently confirmed. That said, buyers looking to special order their vans will need to do so quickly — orders for March production are due by tomorrow so the 2017 Chrysler minivan can be scheduled properly.

Ordering for the 2016 Town & Country has closed. Canadian-edition production of the Town & Country will run through the end of February, with US production running through March 18.

We have had conflicting reports on when the 2017 Chrysler minivans will be produced; one source claimed April for the US and late May or early June for Canada, where the Chrysler van sales are quite low and Dodge sales are high.

oh2o added that there would be a full model year for the 2017 Dodge Caravan; he believed that the new “RU” series would start in early March, though. The hybrid will follow around four to nine months later.

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