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State lawmakers consider 80 MPH speed limit

Can’t drive 55? How does 80 sound? There’s a new proposal in Lansing to raise the speed limit to 80 miles per hour on rural freeways.

State Representative Brad Jacobsen from Oakland County says most people are driving somewhere between 74 and 80 miles, anyway. He says if the road is straight and wide open, why not go 80 miles per hour?

The Michigan National Motorists Association says by raising speed limits, you reduce speed variance, you reduce tailgating, excess passing, lane shopping, passing on the right and other bad behaviors.

Critics of the plan say it’s not desirable from a safety or economic standpoint. They believe more people die on the roads because of accidents at higher speeds and the cost savings are not worth putting people at greater risk.

Raising the speed limit to 80 would only apply to rural segments of freeways. The Standing Committee Meeting of Transportation and Infrastructure will meet next week to discuss the issue.

This is the third time it’s been discussed by state lawmakers. Right now the bill is at the committee level and would need to be approved by them before it goes to the full house.

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