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AAA travel and safety tips for the 4th of July weekend

Since gas prices this Independence Day are about a dollar cheaper than last year, many people are planning to travel out of state.

“We’re going to see 35.5 million people hitting the road to drive to their destination, which is an increase from last year. 41 million people will be traveling in total, so there is going to be a lot of people on the road.” said Crissy Gray, the AAA District Office Supervisor in Charleston, WV.

If you plan on traveling our of town for the 4th of July, it’s important to remember to check your tire pressure, keep extra phone chargers on hand, and be prepared for different driving conditions.

Since rainy weather is expected in West Virginia and several other states for the holiday weekend, it is highly important to make sure your car is as visible as possible to other drivers.

“Make sure you know your headlights are working, break lights are working so people can see you. Windshield wipers, again, are very important. Make sure they are good quality and working well. That’s your vision out on the road.” said Crissy Gray.

AAA also advises that those traveling keep a backup map with them, travel with an emergency kit that includes water, blankets, and flashlights, and be sure oil changes and car inspections are up to day before leaving.

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