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Ram Snatches Truck Torque Crown with 865-lb-ft Cummins Diesel for 2015

Ford threw down the gauntlet last year with the revelation that its 2015 Super Duty pickups would produce 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque, yet we knew it wouldn’t be long before one of the other domestic brands launched a volley of its own in the heavy-duty pickup war. 

It turns out the honor goes to Ram, as it’s shouting from the mountaintop—a mountaintop that one of its trucks tugged into an aesthetically pleasing position, natch—that the turbo-diesel Cummins inline-six will pack 865 lb-ft of torque for 2015. Yes, that’s a full 5 lb-ft more than Ford’s Power Stroke V-8. You’ll feel it off the line.
Ram is also touting another 70 pounds of payload capacity for its regular-cab dualie Ram 3500. It can now haul a class-leading 7390 pounds, topping the Ford’s 7260-pound max despite the latter’s shady mathematical practices that involve calculating the payload rating by stripping off or substituting standard parts such as bumpers and wheels. The Ram 3500 also barely tops, by a bag of potting soil or so, the Chevy Silverado’s 7374-pound max-payload rating. But the thin victories for Ram are nevertheless huge in the pickup game, where bragging rights are incredibly important marketing tools.

Ram still trounces all non-commercial-grade comers with its 30,000-pound fifth-wheel tow rating for its 3500-grade truck, besting the F-350 Super Duty by 3300 pounds and the Chevrolet Silverado HD by 6800 pounds, and it does so, Ram says, while fully complying with SAE J2807 testing criteria. For its 2500 pickup, Ram also claims a best-in-class towing capacity of 17,970 pounds.

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