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Five Tips for Off-roading on Sand in your Jeep

To many Jeep® brand fans, the summer season means one thing: finally taking a long-awaited off-roading trip to a sandy spot.

Whether you’re taking your Jeep brand vehicle to the beach for the day or attempting to climb to the top of a sand dune along the shoreline, it’s important to understand how your vehicle performs in sand. For all the beginners out there, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you prepare for your next sand-filled excursion. As always, remember to drive consistent with your experience level and the conditions.

1. Make sure your vehicle is properly equipped.

Before your vehicle’s tires even touch the sand, it’s important to make sure you have all the proper equipment. When driving on sand dunes, this may include a tall antenna with an attached flag to help make your vehicle more visible to others in the area. Make sure to check with the park’s guidelines before heading out for a full list of requirements.

2. Drop your tire pressure.

Dropping your tire pressure 10-12 pounds below normal can help maintain traction in sandy conditions. Just don’t forget to air up before you hit the pavement again.

3. Understand the consistency of the sand.

The consistency of the sand can affect how you drive your vehicle. You may need to alternate between high (for softer sand) and low (for harder, wetter sand) four-wheel-drive settings, depending on the consistency of the sand.

4. Keep up your vehicle’s momentum.

Maintaining momentum while driving on sand can help prevent your Jeep brand vehicle from losing traction. Try to keep a forward movement going, especially when climbing up large dunes.

5. Avoid tight turns.

Along with maintaining forward momentum, it’s important that you make large, wide turns in your vehicle while on sand. This will help prevent your vehicle from slowing down and getting stuck.

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