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New Fours Coming…

Recently, Ralph Gilles commented that a new family of four-cylinder engineswas coming to Chrysler in around eighteen months— just in time for the refreshed Dodge Dart.

Allpar has confirmed with informal company sources that the head of SRT and Chrysler racing was not simply referring to turbocharged “WorldEngines,” but was indeed speaking of a brand new line of engines. So far we have not had many details on their origins — whether they are based on the Pentastar V6 design, or grew fromFiat or Alfa Romeo designs, or were created completely in a “clean sheet” fashion, though it seems likely that they will carry some Pentastar influence and characteristics.

The engines have definitely been designed with forced induction in mind, and we have been told that one turbocharged version should bring at least 240 horsepower. This is not a great feat in 2014, depending on the displacement; the Caliber SRT4, long gone now, was rated at 285 horsepower, and even back in 1991, theDodge Spirit R/T’s 2.2 turbo was pushing out 224 horses.  Still, a drivable, economical 240 horsepower would be welcomed in a car the size of the Dodge Dart, which currently maxes out at 184 hp.

Following their use in the Dodge Dart, we would expect the new engines to be used in the 200, and, if fuel prices should rise, the turbocharged versions may displace or be added to V6 power plants in  other vehicles as well. Perhaps the day of the turbocharged minivan may eventually return?

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