Join our Dick Scott Nissan One to One Rewards Program!


How You Earn Points:

1.  Shop online at and earn points
on hundreds of sites
2.  Watch your email for Nissan incentives
3.  Visit Dick Scott Nissan and earn money for every dollar you spend: [One To One Rewards Key Tag]

3% back on all customer-paid service work
$5 in One To One Dollars for every warranty visit
$25 in One To One Dollars for your 1 month service inspection
$25 in One To One Dollars for attending our “Right from the Start Seminar”
$50 in One To One dollars for each referral that purchases or leases a new vehicle
$30 additional One To One Dollars for every new purchase or lease
Pick up your One To One Card today – it is preloaded with $260 in savings!
Click here to Print a Dick Scott Nissan One TO One Rewards Brochure

How do I Enroll in Nissan One To One Rewards

You will be automatically enrolled in Nissan One to One Rewards when you buy or lease a new Nissan from Dick Scott Nissan or at the time of your next service visit. Don’t want to wait? Click “Enroll Online Now” and we will take care of the rest!

Once you receive your membership account number, you’ll be able to shop for your rewards at the Nissan One to One Rewards website.

Visit: to enroll online NOW!!


The following document details the terms and conditions of Dick Scott Nissan One To One Rewards Program.

Upon receipt of Nissan One To One membership number, member agrees to be bound by the program rules, terms and conditions.  Dick Scott Nissan, Inc. Nissan One To One Rewards program members will receive incentive points for every dollar spent on parts and services and up to $250.00 on a vehicle purchase.  These points are only redeemable at Dick Scott Nissan, Inc.  This is at no cost to you.  Simply have our cashier look up your membership number when you pick up your vehicle and we’ll take care of the rest.  With every dollar you spend in our service department we will apply 3% of your total bill to your member account in the form of award points.  We are a full-service maintenance and repair center.

Overview of Nissan One To One Rewards Program

The Dick Scott Nissan, Inc. One To One Rewards program is a loyalty program sponsored by Dick Scott Nissan, Inc. that allows owners to earn incentive points toward future service, parts and accessory purchases.  Acquisitions include new and used vehicle purchases, service labor and parts/accessories from Dick Scott Nissan, Inc. up to a maximum of 250.00 in any one transaction.  All earned award points can be used only for retail purchases at Dick Scott Nissan, Inc. ONLY.

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