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We’re Open Late!! Join us for our One Day Only Sales Event!

This Saturday, October 12th from 10AM – 5PM!


Swap your Ride for one that better matches you!

What you need in your perfect match:

– Low Maintenance {New Warranty}
– Looks Great {2014 Style}
– Easy On the Wallet {Better Fuel Economy}
– Likes to have fun {More Horsepower!}
– Cool {iPod Connectivity & Dual Blu-Ray Video}
– Smart & Handy {Garmin Navigation}
– Generous {Free Sirius XM Satellite Radio}

We Need Your 2006 to 2012 Vehicle!

Do you have a two year old or older? Are you still making a payment but want a new car? We think we can get you into a new vehicle for the same or in some cases even a lower payment!!

Due to a state wide shortage of used cars we are offering top dollar for your trade in. On top of this, Chrysler is offering MASSIVE Consumer Cash and DISCOUNTS of up to $10,000 on new vehicles & Historic Low Interest RATES, hundreds of customers are trading up even two year old vehicles.

Here’s What You Do:

Step 1.

RSVP at 888-578-0726 or

Step 2.
Come in on sale day and one of our representative will show you a BRAND NEW VEHICLE with a BRAND NEW PAYMENT!

– Up to 120% Kelley Blue Book Value

– Finance rates as low as 0% for 72 months

– Zero down payment required

– Special 1 day pricing on all Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

– Huge discounts up to $10,000

Visit Dick Scott Motor Mall

3030 Fowlerville Rd,

Fowlerville, MI 48836