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Annual 4th of July Parade in Downtown Plymouth!

The 2013 Annual 4th of July Parade is coming the Downtown Plymouth for it’s 17th Anniversary appearance! The parade launched back in 1997!

Boldly stepping off down Main Street at the Recently adopted start time of 9am. Good Morning USA is the State of Michigan’s First 4th of July parade. This years theme is “Salute the Troops.”

Every year tens of thousands of excited spectators line up on curbs with lawn chairs, ladders. They climb up top roof tops and motor homes to get a better look at this amazing parade!

The 2013 Annual 4th of July Parade is poised and ready to continue its march into the hearts of spectators and into the ranks of premier Holiday Celebrations in Michigan!

Dick Scott Automotive Group is excited to be part of this years parade! We are looking forward to seeing the excitement and being part of this family fun community event!! We hope to see many of you there!!