World’s Most Iconic Aviation Superstar Added to Lineup

Announcing a huge addition to this year’s show. National Aviation Hall of Famer and aerobatic superstar Sean D. Tucker has just joined the lineup!

Sean D. Tucker is the most highly sought-after civilian aerobatic performer in the air show world. Sean is internationally known for his awe-inspiring aerobatic flying routine and has won numerous prestigious awards and recognition in the industry. Sean’s airplane, the Oracle Challenger III bi-plane, is the most high-performance aerobatic aircraft today. This monster packs more than 400 horsepower, weighs just over 1,200 pounds and responds to the slightest pressure on the control stick at over 300 miles per hour! Watch as Sean flips, rattles and rolls through the Michigan air inspiring crowds with his stunning maneuvers and larger-than-life personality.
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Thunder Over Michigan Air Show is August 10-11, 2013<br />
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Publically Announced Acts (so far):<br />
Aviation Superstar Sean D. Tucker <br />
DH-98 Mosquito<br />
F-100 Super Sabre Jet<br />
Former Red Bull Air Racer, Michal Goulian<br />
WWII Battle Reenactment<br />
Vietnam Air &amp; Ground Battle Reenactment<br />
Vietnam Homecoming<br />
Kidz Zone Play Area<br />
More to come!<br />
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Also, don’t forget that ticket prices go up at the end of this month at 11:59PM on May 31st! For the air show enthusiasts, there are several premium seating options where the show is seen from the best seats on the flightline! Tickets for most seating options are still available online, however availability is limited and tickets traditionally sell out weeks prior to the event. <br />
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