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5th Annual All-Victory Iron Butt Takes Riders from Minnesota to St. Louis and Back

 Twelve Victory Riders completed the fifth annual All-Victory Iron Butt with a ride from Minnesota to St. Louis and back – in under 24 hours.

One day, 13,116 miles.

That’s the mileage a dozen Victory riders rolled up on June 25-26 on the 5th Annual All-Victory Iron Butt Ride. The group, led by Iron Butt veterans Greg Moe and Connie Gabrick, completed a Saddle Sore 1,000 by riding over 1,000 miles in under 24 hours.

The Victory Riders started in Lakeville, Minnesota, before sun-up on Saturday, June 25, and followed the Avenue of the Saints, a set of highways that connect St. Paul, Minnesota, with St. Louis. They rode to St. Louis, fought through heavy Saturday afternoon traffic to reach the Gateway Arch, then made the return trip to Minnesota.

The group got hammered by rain once while southbound in Iowa, and once more while headed north near the Missouri-Iowa state line. But they endured the rain, the sweltering humidity of St. Lou, fatigue and darkness to complete the 1,093-mile ride. Every Victory motorcycle on the ride delivered the outstanding performance riders have come to expect from a Victory.

The bikes on the ride included a Touring Cruiser, a few Vegases, a Vegas Jackpot, four Cross Countrys, a Victory Vision, a 10th Anniversary Victory Vision, and a Kingpin.

Here is one Cross Country rider’s ride data:

• Miles ridden: 1,093 miles
• Time: 21 hours, 27 minutes
• Average fuel economy: 48.4 mpg
• Average speed: 65.1 mph

That’s an impressive average speed considering the group spent considerable time crawling through heavy traffic in the heart of St. Louis near the Arch. On the open road, the group made, ahem, excellent time on their Victorys.

On a Victory, riding an Iron Butt is easy. The hard part is compiling and submitting all the data required for the Iron Butt Association to certify the feat.

To learn about next year’s All-Victory Iron Butt Ride, watch the forums on the Twin Cities Victory Riders website.