Welcome Girl Scout Troop 40217

A Big “Thank You” to all the great girls in Troop 40217 who came out and did a fantastic job at our Car Care Badge Clinic last Thursday, May 12th. We had a fun time showing the girls all the important things to watch for and check on a vehicle to keep it running top notch!

Each girl received a Car Care Badge Clinic workbook to be completed as we discussed and demonstrated each aspect of taking care of a vehicle. From the dashboard lights, dials and gages to the importance of properly inflating and rotating the tires. We also explained how some vehicle parts can even be recycled and the proper way to recycle them.We also went out into our Shop to see hands on how to maintain a vehicle and complete a safety check. The girls especially enjoyed the Question and Answer session with our Technicians.

We really enjoyed helping everyone better understand why Car Care is such an important part of owning a vehicle!

If your organization is interested in participating in one of our Clinics please contact our Service Manager Joe Prokes @ 734-451-3535.

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