Football Season is here and so are the FANS!!!

Doug Harris, Parts Manager at Dick Scott Nissan, is a die-hard fan of both the Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions. That’s why he came up with a “They Win, You Win – 25% off Parts Special.” Keep rooting for your team to win and when they do YOU DO TOO!!

This special offers customers the chance to save 25% off parts or accessories when they come in the week following a win from either team. Since this coupon went live, so have both TEAMS!!!

This week is a winning week so start printing your coupons and saving BIG!! Only 3 more days left to redeem your coupon this week. This year has been good so far for football and maybe the extra rooting for our coupon helped the Lions win their first game in almost two seasons!!

If you want to Save 25% at Dick Scott Nissan Parts Department, just keep your support going strong for the Lions and Wolverine Football teams and when they win, print your coupon and hurry in to save big! Go TEAM!

Visit: and click on “Parts Specials” to Print your coupon!

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