ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology


Introducing five distinct vehicle platforms with ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology from Chrysler LLC. Chrysler has been hard at work updating the three ENVI-powered Electric Vehicles (EV) you first saw in September 2008. Plus they added two more exciting products to their production-intent lineup. ENVI’s electric-vehicle technology enables a new standard of quiet, smooth and efficient operation.

What That Means For You

• No compromise on performance, agility, space and design
• Instantaneous acceleration and responsiveness
• Continuing to drive the way you drive today
• Being environmentally responsible
• Ability to own one of these electric vehicles as soon as 2010
• At least three more models available by 2013

How It Works

– ENVI’s all-electric EVs provide a 150- to 200-mile driving range on zero gasoline and no tailpipe emissions

– ENVI’s Range-extended Electric Vehicles can travel 40 miles on battery power

– The range extender is a small internal combustion engine and integrated generator that produces electricity that extends the range to 400 miles,using very little gasoline

– Overnight charging with a standard 110-volt household outlet

– Charging time is cut in half with 220-volt household appliance power outlet

Check back for more details on these revolutionary vehicles or visit Chrysler.com for more details

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