Nissan Announces Advanced Hybrid Batteries

by Tim Joseph

A little more than two years ago I was at Nissan’s Tech Center in Farmington Hills, MI. The new Altima was being delivered to dealers and Nissan had us come in for a presentation. During the presentation someone asked when we could expect to get the Hybrid Altima in Michigan. We were told Nissan planned to have it in all 50 states sometime in 2010. They told us that hybrids at that point had not been profitable and that Nissan wanted to do things right before they were going to sell it. Fair enough I thought. Dozens of people since then have asked me about the Hyrid Altima and I have always told them probably 2010.

Today I was reading that Nissan is planning to roll out some hybrids in 2010. They sound like they’re right on track to meet the promised goal. They have committed to bringing a completely electric vehicle to the market by 2010 so why not a couple of hybrids? Nissan has stated that they will debut a completely unique hybrid vehicle in 2010. The new vehicle will feature advanced laminated compact lithium-ion batteries which will be mounted under the floor.

It looks as if Nissan will be able to do things right now and get the hybrids out there.

I will follow this story and keep you posted on any updates that come about in the next year.

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