Nissan: 0% On 5 Models and Versa Under $10,000

by Tim Joseph

I didn’t know what I should write about first so I decided to write one post for two subjects. This has to be one of the most exciting announcements coming from the auto industry in a long long time. Let’s face it, the economy is weak and history tells us that it’ll rebound but for now we need to do some things to keep our heads above water. Vehicles are essential to our lives and sometimes you have to get a new one.

Nissan announced this weekend that it will have 0% financing for 5 different models through January 5, 2009. The Rogue, Murano, Altima, Sentra and Versa will all start at 0% financing, with approved credit. See Dick Scott Nissan for more information.

How about this one? A Nissan Versa for $9,900 brand new off the showroom floor? Nissan announced that the new “bare bones” Versa Sedan will go on sale November 18th for under $10,000 (minus delivery, tax, title, tag…). This is more than $2,000 less than the current model. Yes, there is a slight catch. You’re going to get a smaller engine. A 1.6L, 107 HP engine which puts it on par with a Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit which sell for the price of the 1.8L Versa.

When I get more details about this Versa I will be sure to post them. The Nissan Versa is a vehicle you can’t say enough good things about. It offers more HP, options and interior space than its Toyota and Honda competitors at the same price. Now you’ll spend a lot less.

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