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2009 370Z It’s Official

There she is. The first official pictures of the upcoming 370Z, named for it’s 3.7 Liter V-6 engine. This is the same engine used in the G37 which puts out 330HP. Nissan hasn’t officially released exact specs yet but most people speculate that the Z will have about the same number of horses.
The interior is mostly the same as the 350Z with some improvements to the center dash. It has the same upgraded look as other new Nissan models, such as the 2009 Nissan Maxima.
The 370Z will make its digital debut in the upcoming Need for Speed Undercover video game on November 18th.
Official unveiling of the 370Z will be held at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19th.
It should be an exciting couple of days. I will keep you updated when I get information

Nissan And Chrysler Partnership

by Tim Joseph
Chrysler and Nissan announced a partnership. Chrysler would be building the next generation Titan and Nissan would build a small vehicle for Chrysler. The first of these vehicles debuted this week in Brazil. It is called the Chrysler Trazo and yes, if it looks remarkably similar to the Nissan Versa we have here in America, that’s because it is a Versa. With this vehicle Chrysler will be able to enter South American markets where they have never sold their cars before. Many of these countries, believe it or not, have booming, emerging economies. They will be a good venue for Chrysler to make some much needed sales.

No word yet on what Nissan has cooking for Chrysler here in the States but I’ll keep you updates when I hear something.

2008 Spook-Tacular!

Don’t forget we have our Halloween Spook-Tacular going on right now! We’ve extended our hours this week for your convenience!
Voting is open in the Pumpkin Carving Contest! Head on over to the following site to vote today!

Indian Motorcycle: 2009 Indian Chief

The 2009 Indian Chief Motorcycles are designed and engineered to be powerful works of art. Each Indian Chief features a factory built 105 cubic inch PowerPlus engine with electronic fuel injection. The head turning PowerPlus engine unites style and technology while delivering the heart-pounding torque and pavement ripping power you expect from America’s motorcycle company.

From the tip of the Chief’s deep-valanced front fender to the ergonomically designed, genuine leather seat, every detail of the motorcycle strikes a perfect balance between the legendary heritage of Indian and the comfort, style and performance you demand in a quality machine.

Since 1901, Indian Motorcycle has been known for innovation technology and unparalleled craftsmanship. We are dedicated to remaining true to that legacy and to building the highest-quality, handcrafted motorcycles. Each Indian Motorcycle is a labor of love.

The motorcycle itself was the inspiration for the entire design of our dealerships, and it is fit for a Chief. Colors, contours, textures and finishes throughout, from leather to chrome studs, are all part of the world of Indian Motorcycle.

Ultimate service delivered by knowledgeable staff is our promise to you. Whether you are attending an event or buying the Chief of your dreams, you can expect to be treated like a member of the tribe.

Available in three models:

  • 2009 Chief Standard
  • 2009 Chief Deluxe
  • 2009 Chief Roadmaster
  • 2009 Chief Vintage

Dick Scott Automotive Group is proud to add Indian Motorcycle Detroit to it’s family of Best Shot Dealers

Dick Scott Dodge Halloween Spook-Tacular

October 27 – November 1

Mon-Wed 9-9; Thurs 9-Midnight; Fri 9-6;
Always open Saturdays 10-3
Refreshments and Halloween Treats
Served all week!

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2008 Dodge Durango 4wd
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2008 Dodge Nitro
$228 per month!!
$22,980 MSRP

1 (800) 513-2893
684 W. Ann Arbor Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170
1-1/2 mile west of I-275, Exit 28

Plus tax, title, plate, destination and DOC fee (due at signing). Must qualify for Employee Discount. Must provide a valid Chrysler Employee Control Number and be a Returning lessee. Must finance through Chrysler Financial and qualify for A-Tier credit. Payments based on 72 months. All rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. Expires 10-31-08. A limited number available at this price. While supplies last.

$500 Gas Card: Pumpkin Carving Contest


~ The deadline for turning in your pumpkins has been extended
~ You now have until Monday October 27 to turn them in
~ Voting will begin on Tuesday October 28
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A Brief History Of Indian Motorcycle Part 1

While the 2 3/4 horsepower single and the five horsepower twin have been retained, two new models will be presented and a seven horsepower twin. The radical changes of the Indian, however, will consist in a mechanical oiling device, free engine and two-speed gear, and a new spring fork.

— New York Times, January 9, 1910

by Tim Joseph
Indian Motorcycle Co. was born as the Hendee Manufacturing Company by George M. Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom (pictured above with the first prototype of Indian). It was the first American motorcycle company and the most popular in the world by the time the New York Times wrote the paragraph above. Both men were former bicycle racers who got together to build a 1.74 bhp, single cylinder engine in Hendee’s home town of Springfield, MA. The bike was a huge success and and sales increased drastically during the next 10 years.
Indian Motorcycle was very innovative. In 1901 the prototype and two production models we successfully designed, built and tested. Work began in previous years. In 1902 the first Indian motorcycles, featuring innovative belt-drives and streamline styling were sold to the public. In 1903 Indian co-founder and chief engineer Oscar Hedstrom set a world motorcycle speed record by riding 56 mph.

In 1904, the diamond framed Indian Single was made available in deep red. This color would become Indian’s trademark. By this time production was up to over 500 bikes per year and would rise to 32,000 in 1913. It’s best year ever.
In 1906 Indian built its first V-Twin engine. 101 years later the V-Twin is the most popular engine style in the world. The following year Indian made a strong showing in racing and record breaking. In 1914 Erwin “Cannonball” Baker, who set many long-distance record, rode an Indian across American from San Diego to New York in a record 11 days, 12 hours and 10 minutes. Baker’s engine of choice in the following years was the Powerplus, a side-valve V-Twin which was introduced in 1916. It was a 1000cc, 42 degree V-Twin which was more powerful and quieter than previous designs, giving it a top speed of 60 mph. The design was highly successful both as a roadster and as a racing bike. It remained in production until 1924.
Oscar Hedstrom left Indian in 1913 over a disagreement with the Board of Directors regarding dubious practices to inflate the company’s stock values. George Hendee resigned in 1916.
Dick Scott Automotive Group is proud to add Indian Motorcycle Detroit to it’s family of Best Shot Dealers

Dick Scott’s Indian Motorcycle Detroit

At Dick Scott Automotive Group, we are happy to announce a new Member of the Dick Scott Family, Dick Scott’s Indian Motorcycle of Detroit. We anticipate our Grand Opening Celebration to be held in early 2009. Our new motorcycle dealership will be located on Michigan Avenue in Canton, just across from Dick Scott Kia, a few blocks east of Dick Scott Nissan. Details regarding our Grand Opening Celebration will be posted on this page and at If you have a question or comment, or if you are interested in reserving an Indian Motorcycle, please contact us!
More Information To Follow!!!

Could Chrysler Merge With Nissan?

by Tim Joseph

There have been a lot of talks lately about Chrysler and thier future. GM and Chrysler are talking about a possible merger or takeover. Cerberus seems to want to get out of the auto business and now may be a good time. A deal like this would be good for GM because it could reduce their operating costs substantially. Now there are rumors that Renault-Nissan have had talks to buy Chrysler. The rumors go as far as saying that Nissan Executives have been to the United States and have even toured the Chrysler World HQ in Auburn Hills. Carlos Ghosn is said to have a team in America analyzing the potential purchase.

While Renault spokespeople have denied any such talks, Nissan had this to say. “We have three deals with Chrysler right now, for some cars and trucks, that have been reported earlier this year,” said Fred Standish, spokesman for Nissan North America. “We are keeping lines open with Chrysler to discuss any other potential future deals. But we have nothing to announce right now.”

A simple “We cannot confirm nor deny that” would have been sufficient.

“I think that when people talk about consolidation, they imagine company A buying company B. We know this does not work,” Ghosn said at a grand opening celebration of the company’s new North American headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. “Company A buying company B is guaranteed destruction of value after a while.”

Ghosn went on to say that strategic alliances such as Renault-Nissan do work. Nissan owns 15% of Renault while Renault owns 44% of Nissan.

In July Ghosn commented on a possible Chrysler-Nissan alliance by stating “With Chrysler, we have OEM deals like we have with Mitsubishi, like we have with Suzuki,” Ghosn said. “Nothing more nothing less.” While earlier this month Bob Nardelli was reportedly quoted as saying he has met with Carlos Ghosn several times and Renault-Nissan could be a “strategic buyer” for Chrysler.

Most analysts agree that the Renault-Nissan-Chrysler deal makes more sence than selling to General Morots. Cerberus apparently doesn’t want to break Chrysler up and sell it in pieces. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Dodge Challenger STR-10

Here is a picture I found of the Dodge Challenger SRT-10 concept. It is pictured with a Viper and has the same engine as the smaller sports car. It puts out 600 horsepower and has a carbon fiber hood complete with scoop. Who says the American muscle car is dead?!