Nissan In The Future

by Tim Joseph

Nissan is becoming quite the innovator. They are scheduled to release an Electric Car in 2010, they’ve developed a paint that fills in it’s own scratches and they have developed their ECO Pedal that pushes back when you push the gas too hard. They already have advanced technology like CVT transmissions, intelligent key and GPS navigation.

The big buzz on the internet today is Nissan’s new BR23C robot. The robot is equipped with a collision avoidance system that works the same way a bee’s eye does. It is able to detect objects in a 180 degree range in it’s forward direction. While I would like to take one of these robots home with him to watch it run around, Nissan has no plans of selling it. It’s more of a concept robot that they hope to integrate with their PIVO 2 electric concept vehicle. When the system detects an object it is able to quickly move around an object.

If you’re interested in seeing what Nissan has to offer, please contact Dick Scott Nissan at (734) 495-1000. Ask for Terri Young!

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