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by Tim Joseph

Edmunds said it was the fastest car they’ve ever driven but it’s not fast enough for you! Your new GT-R is here and for the most part you’ve enjoyed every minute of it. If only it could be faster you hear yourself saying over and over.

NISMO (Nissan Motorsports), Nissan’s motorsports and performance division has released a package that may help you. The GT-R NISMO package (only available in Japan at the moment) includes Bilstein adjustable dampers combined with firmer coil springs and a set of 20-inch Rays forged aluminum wheels wrapped in Bridgestone RE070R tires. To make the vehicle lighter the package also includes an exhaust silencer that’s shed 11 pounds, manually adjustable seats with carbon fibre backing and a carbon fibre undertray.

The price tag is set at 5,460,000 yen which is currently $50,074.32. We’ll keep you updated on the package when it comes to America.