Jeep Patriot Least Expensive SUV To Own

by Tim Joseph

Last week was a busy week here at Dick Scott. Chrysler Financial had announced that they would no longer be leasing. There were a flurry of customer who came in and leased before the deadline Thursday night. But what if you weren’t ready to lease? What if you wont be ready till this month or even four months from now? With high gas prices and now higher car payments the outlook may seem bleak. had an interesting article. They compiled a list of the least expensive Sport Utility Vehicles to own. Jeep Patriot will cost you the lease according to’s True Cost to Own ratings. The total price of the vehicle over the course of 5 years will cost you $0.48 per mile (based on 15,000 miles per year). The Jeep Compass came in #3 and in the category of Mid size Sport Utility Vehicle the Nissan Rogue was #1 at a cost of $0.53 per mile. The Dodge Durango got top honors in it’s Large SUV category at $0.70 per mile.

Edmunds calculates True Cost to Own based on-

  • Ownership expenses for 5 year time span
  • Vehicles are driven 15,000 mile per year
  • Vehicles are financed using traditional financing and not leased
  • Buyers pay 10% down on vehicle
  • Buyers are in the “Gold” credit tier for the purpose of determining the finance rate
  • The loan term is 60 months
  • Buyers represent the average demographic in their state for insurance rates
  • Assumes a cost of $4.05 per gallon of gas also has a list of current rebates and incentives on the Jeep Patriot.

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