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2008 AutoPacific Award Winners

by Tim Joseph

Here at Dick Scott we believe that we sell great cars. We are proud of ever single car we sell our customers and our customers are proud to own them. Recently AutoPacific, a company that specializes in the research and analysis of the automotive industry, gave out their Motorist Choice and Ideal Vehicle Awards. Dick Scott is a proud dealer of four of these winners.

AutoPacific and IntelliChoice.Com 2008 Motorist Choice Award:
Compact SUV/Crossover SUV – Nissan Rogue

The Motorist Choice Awards were calculated by combining cost of ownership data with AutoPacific’s customer satisfaction survey data.

AutoPacific 2008 Ideal Vehicle Awards:
Economy Car – Nissan Versa
Compact SUV/Off-Road – Vehicle Kia Sorento / Jeep Liberty

An “ideal” is defined as an excellent or perfect example.

Congratulations to the winners! If you’d like to test drive any of these vehicles please contact us at:
Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall – 800-486-2415
Dick Scott Kia – 800-730-9872
Dick Scott Nissan – 800-504-8536

Chrysler And Nissan Making A Deal

by Tim Joseph

Let’s make a deal! Ok so times are tough and Chrysler, LLC. is feeling the pinch. Last April Chrysler and Nissan agreed on terms to build vehciles for each other. Chrysler to build the next generation Titan, while Nissan will build a small vehicle based on it’s Versa platform.

Today, several reports are surfacing that state the two automakers are working on a deal. Reports are kind of sketchy but it sounds like Nissan will be building a midsize vehicle for Chrysler.

We’ll update you with information as we get it.

Nissan’s Electric Vehicle

by Tim Joseph

You are looking at Nissan’s upcoming electric vehicle. It looks like it’s built from a Nissan Cube which will go one sale in the United States early next year. My sources tell me March. The electric vehicle that you are looking at will go on sale in 2010. Today Nissan tested the vehicle on their track for a small audience of journalists. It is powered by a 660 pound Lithium Ion battery that is designed to offer more power than the type commonly found in today’s hybrids. Those who were there said the vehicle was extremely quiet and being absent of engine noise. They also said that the vehicle accelerated quicker than comparable gas engine cars.

There is still no word on things like top speed, range between charges or price. I’ll keep you posted as I find things out. This might be something you want to get on the waiting list for. No one wants to pay for gas and I bet they’ll sell quickly.

Dick Scott Nissan (734) 495-1000

Found on ClickOnDetroit.Com

TOKYO — Nissan Motor Co. soon will sell cars that push back when drivers try to put the pedal to the metal.

The Japanese carmaker on Monday announced its new “ECO Pedal” system, which makes the gas pedal press upward when it senses motorists are speeding up too quickly.

Nissan said the system, which will be available next year, can help drivers improve fuel efficiency 5 to 10 percent.

It calculates the most efficient rate of acceleration in a vehicle based on how fast fuel is being burned and other factors and causes the gas pedal to push back to alert overzealous drivers.

Nissan said the system is designed to help drivers become more fuel efficient behind the wheel.

Drivers can also opt to switch the system off.

Jeep Patriot Least Expensive SUV To Own

by Tim Joseph

Last week was a busy week here at Dick Scott. Chrysler Financial had announced that they would no longer be leasing. There were a flurry of customer who came in and leased before the deadline Thursday night. But what if you weren’t ready to lease? What if you wont be ready till this month or even four months from now? With high gas prices and now higher car payments the outlook may seem bleak. had an interesting article. They compiled a list of the least expensive Sport Utility Vehicles to own. Jeep Patriot will cost you the lease according to’s True Cost to Own ratings. The total price of the vehicle over the course of 5 years will cost you $0.48 per mile (based on 15,000 miles per year). The Jeep Compass came in #3 and in the category of Mid size Sport Utility Vehicle the Nissan Rogue was #1 at a cost of $0.53 per mile. The Dodge Durango got top honors in it’s Large SUV category at $0.70 per mile.

Edmunds calculates True Cost to Own based on-

  • Ownership expenses for 5 year time span
  • Vehicles are driven 15,000 mile per year
  • Vehicles are financed using traditional financing and not leased
  • Buyers pay 10% down on vehicle
  • Buyers are in the “Gold” credit tier for the purpose of determining the finance rate
  • The loan term is 60 months
  • Buyers represent the average demographic in their state for insurance rates
  • Assumes a cost of $4.05 per gallon of gas also has a list of current rebates and incentives on the Jeep Patriot.

To test drive a Patriot or other Chrysler vehicle please call us at:

Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall – 800-486-2415

Tim’s Travel Tips: Michigan’s Adventure

by Tim Joseph

I have heard of this place but have yet to actually visit. My cousin tells me it is a lot of fun. Michigan’s Adventure is an amusement park in Muskegon, MI. According to Wikipedia they have 53 rides total which includes 7 roller coasters. Their newest attraction is the Thunderhawk, a suspended looping coaster that has been relocated from Geauga Lake in Ohio. it is Michigan’s first suspended looping roller coaster.

There are also plenty of rides for the smaller kids, such as the “Winky Whale” or the always classic ferris wheel called the “Giant Gondola Wheel.” In addition to all this they have a water park which is open from noon to 7pm daily. At $25, this is a bargain right in our own back yard.

For more information please contact the park at (231) 766-3377

2008 1-Day General Admission Includes one day of admission to both Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure. There is no charge for toddlers 2 or under. $25

Directions from Lansing / Detroit

  1. Take I-96 West to Muskegon
  2. Leave I-96 West by taking exit 1B (Ludington) to change to US-31 North
  3. Leave US-31 North by taking the Russell Rd exit (mile marker 121)
  4. Turn right (North) onto Russell Rd
  5. At the first stop light, turn left (West) onto Riley Thompson Rd
  6. The entrance to Michigan’s Adventure is on Riley Thompson Rd

Plymouth Township Police to Host Safety Seat Clinic

The Plymouth Township Police Department is hosting a Free Child Safety Seat clinic beginning at 10am August 9th. This event will take place at the Plymouth Township Police Department, located at 9955 N Haggerty Road. Inspections will be by “appointment only”, and limited space is available. Those who would like to have a child’s car seat inspected by a national certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, should make an appointment by calling Officer Jamie Senkbeil at (734) 354-3232.

When Life Gives You Lemons

by Tim Joseph

… Make Lemonade.

It has been a busy week here at Dick Scott. Since announcing late last week that Chrysler Financial will cease it’s leasing programs we have been flooded with customers coming in to lease new vehicles. While it has been busy, it has been good for us. One week after the big announcement comes another announcement. Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli gave us a peak at things to come when he said “If we’re successful with some of our discussions relative to alliances or partnerships you very well could see some new platforms, some new vehicles out next year.”

Way back on June 17th we showed you a picture of what many people believe is the vehicle that Nissan will be building for Chrysler within the next couple years. Nardelli was not specific as to which vehicle could be coming down the pipeline next year. Chrysler has also been in talks with Chery Automobile Co. to bring a Chinese vehicle to America. They have also reportedly been in talks with Fiat.

“For sure we’ve got a strong lineup coming in 2010 with all of the traditional brands,” Nardelli said, “but more fuel efficiency, better performance, better fit, better finish, a lot more consumer-oriented responses.” It’s music to our ears.