Tim’s Travel Tips: Kalahari Resort

by Tim Joseph

I like to keep most of my Friday posts local but this one is really good. Two hours away is maybe my second favorite place on earth, Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH. Its too hot to take the kids out, the sun is too intense and will burn them, and the summer can get so monotonous. Pack a bag with a bathing suit for the kids and a change of clothes. You wont need much more than the bathing suit, trust me. This is the countrie’s largest indoor water park. There are so many water slides, a wave pool, even a lazy river for mom and dad (actually dad liked the water slides). You could make a week long vacation out of this resort.

When you get tired from running up and down the water slides there is plenty to do like indoor mini golf, and archade and the rooms are really nice as well. Check out their website for reservations and more info. A blog post can’t do it justice.

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