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2009 Kia Soul Re-Unveiled

by Tim Joseph

Until now we’ve only seen side views and a couple of spy pictures of the upcoming Kia Soul. Today Kia have given us a look at the Soul from the front and a couple of other details to further wet our appetites. The new Soul will come equipped with a 1.6L (124HP) or 2.0L engine. Europe will get the option of a 1.6L diesel engine. The vehicle sits on a modified Kia Rio platform. It boasts a nice long 100 inch wheel base, 161 inch overall length and up to 18 inch wheels. The wheels are placed near the corners for a smooth and sporty ride. I may trade my current vehicle in for this one. The world premier is scheduled for the Paris Auto Show on October 2. The vehicle should hit the lots here in the US in February 09.

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Nissan Getting Greener Every Day

by Tim Joseph

It really is amazing how quickly the auto industry is changing. Just a few years ago gas was in the mid-$1 range and now with it over $4 per gallon everyone is turning to hybrids and alternate forms of fuel. I found a couple of articles that I thought I would share with you all.

Today New York City Mayor Bloomberg will hold a press conference to give an update on the city’s five year plan to create an all hybrid fleet of taxis. Nissan has been donating 200 Altima Hybrids a month to help out. They are by far the biggest contributor to the program. If you’re interested in purchasing a Hybrid Altima when they become available in Michigan in the next couple years you may want to go to New York and hail a tax ride in one. You can read a full article here:

In other parts of the world, Nissan unveiled it’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle yesterday at Imperial College London. The vehicle is a 4×4 X-Trail which is not available in the United States, however, they are available in Canada. I’m sure they will put this technology in US vehicles when it is ready. According to the article, the emission free vehicle only emits a few drops of water for every 300 miles it travels. This model is 40 per cent more efficient than previous models but will probably not be available until after 2015 due to high production costs. For more, read the original article here:

While we don’t have these vehicles for sale right now, Nissan’s vehicles are very efficient. Check out our Dick Scott Nissan Fuel Saver page for more info.