GT-R’s Hit The Streets

by Tim Joseph

On June18th we found out that the GT-R’s were being held captive at ports all over North America. Today the Internet is buzzing because the GT-R’s are finally being delivered to their customers and hitting the streets of America.

Nissan North America held a small even last night at 12:01am in Universal City, California. Universal Nissan, the highest volume Nissan dealer in the country was chosen to sell the first GT-R in the country due to their high allotment (25) of GT-R’s for the 2009 model year. Daryl Alison who imported a Japanese spec, right side drive, GT-R five months ago was the lucky customer. “First of all I’m going to drive it home,” Alison said. “Then I’m going to put some miles on it. Then it will probably be modified. But I’m thinking about the collector value.”

I doubt he will need to modify it much to get a good speed at the track.

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