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End of Leasing For Chrysler Financial

The End Is Here!

Chrysler has just announced that effective August 1, 2008, Chrysler Financial will no longer offer consumers the option to lease vehicles. In an effort to help dealers to reduce their inventory of new vehicles, Chrysler has announced additional rebates and bonus cash incentives that can be applied to all new Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep vehicles during this final week of July. Chrysler also announced 0% financing for 72 months on most Trucks and SUV’s.

These new incentives mean that you can drive a brand new Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep for less than ever – but only through Thursday night July 31, 2008.

In order to accommodate you, we will remain open Monday through Thursday from 9am – 9pm.

Dick Scott Motormall
Fowlerville, MI
(Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge)
Dick Scott Dodge
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Tim’s Travel Tips: Kalahari Resort

by Tim Joseph

I like to keep most of my Friday posts local but this one is really good. Two hours away is maybe my second favorite place on earth, Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH. Its too hot to take the kids out, the sun is too intense and will burn them, and the summer can get so monotonous. Pack a bag with a bathing suit for the kids and a change of clothes. You wont need much more than the bathing suit, trust me. This is the countrie’s largest indoor water park. There are so many water slides, a wave pool, even a lazy river for mom and dad (actually dad liked the water slides). You could make a week long vacation out of this resort.

When you get tired from running up and down the water slides there is plenty to do like indoor mini golf, and archade and the rooms are really nice as well. Check out their website for reservations and more info. A blog post can’t do it justice.

2009 Kia Soul Re-Unveiled

by Tim Joseph

Until now we’ve only seen side views and a couple of spy pictures of the upcoming Kia Soul. Today Kia have given us a look at the Soul from the front and a couple of other details to further wet our appetites. The new Soul will come equipped with a 1.6L (124HP) or 2.0L engine. Europe will get the option of a 1.6L diesel engine. The vehicle sits on a modified Kia Rio platform. It boasts a nice long 100 inch wheel base, 161 inch overall length and up to 18 inch wheels. The wheels are placed near the corners for a smooth and sporty ride. I may trade my current vehicle in for this one. The world premier is scheduled for the Paris Auto Show on October 2. The vehicle should hit the lots here in the US in February 09.

Dick Scott Kia
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Nissan Getting Greener Every Day

by Tim Joseph

It really is amazing how quickly the auto industry is changing. Just a few years ago gas was in the mid-$1 range and now with it over $4 per gallon everyone is turning to hybrids and alternate forms of fuel. I found a couple of articles that I thought I would share with you all.

Today New York City Mayor Bloomberg will hold a press conference to give an update on the city’s five year plan to create an all hybrid fleet of taxis. Nissan has been donating 200 Altima Hybrids a month to help out. They are by far the biggest contributor to the program. If you’re interested in purchasing a Hybrid Altima when they become available in Michigan in the next couple years you may want to go to New York and hail a tax ride in one. You can read a full article here:

In other parts of the world, Nissan unveiled it’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle yesterday at Imperial College London. The vehicle is a 4×4 X-Trail which is not available in the United States, however, they are available in Canada. I’m sure they will put this technology in US vehicles when it is ready. According to the article, the emission free vehicle only emits a few drops of water for every 300 miles it travels. This model is 40 per cent more efficient than previous models but will probably not be available until after 2015 due to high production costs. For more, read the original article here:

While we don’t have these vehicles for sale right now, Nissan’s vehicles are very efficient. Check out our Dick Scott Nissan Fuel Saver page for more info.

Dick Scott Best Shot Deals Of July is a great starting point for all of our Dick Scott dealerships. It has instant links to the information you need, including the Best Shot Deal of the Month:

Dick Scott Dodge:
2008 Caliber SXT
Payments as low as $259/mo*
36 Month Lease
$2,122 due at delivery
10,500 miles per year
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Dick Scott Motormall:
2008 Chrysler Sebring
Chrysler Employee Buy for $15,319*
General Public Buy For $16,269*
Chrysler Employee Lease $171/mo*
General Public Lease $199.99/mo*
36 Month Lease

$1,999 due at delivery
10,500 miles per year
Stock #: 26125

2008 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Laramie 4×4
Chrysler Employee Buy for $21,361*
General Public Buy for $25,373*
Chrysler Employee Lease for $79.85/mo*
General Public Lease for $249.99/mo*
27 Month Lease
$1,999 due at delivery
10,500 miles per year
Stock #: 46937

Dick Scott Nissan:
2008 Nissan Versa
Was $15,505, Now $12,995*
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2008 Nissan Altime
$169* per Month
39 month lease
2 more at this price

2008 Nissan Rogue
$199* per Month
39 month lease
2 more at this price

2009 Nissan Murano
$299* per Month
39 month lease
2 more at this price

Dick Scott Kia:
2008 Kia Optima
$199* per Month
36 Month Lease
$1,999 due at delivery
12,000 miles per year
$18,425 msrp

2008 Kia Sportage
$199* per Month
36 Month Lease
$1,899 due at delivery
12,000 miles per year
$19,720 msrp

* See individual dealer for complete details. Prices may not include taxes and fees.

Tire Safety Part 2

There’s Safety In Numbers

You can find the numbers for recommended tire pressure and vehicle load limit on the tire information placard and in the vehicle owner’s manual. Tire placards are permanent labels attached to the vehicle door edge, door post, glove-box door, or inside of the trunk lid. Once you’ve located this information, use it to check your tire pressure and to make sure your vehicle is not overloaded-especially when you head out for vacation.

Checking Tire Pressure

Because tires may naturally lose air over time, it is important to check your tire pressure at least once a month. For convenience, purchase a tire pressure gauge to keep in your vehicle. Gauges can be purchased at tire dealerships, auto supply stores, and other retail outlets. Remember, the tire inflation number that vehicle manufacturers provide reflects the proper pound per square inch (psi) when a tire is cold. To get an accurate tire pressure reading, measure tire pressure when the car has been unused for at least three hours.

  1. Locate the correct tire pressure on the tire information placard or in the owner’s manual.
  2. Record the tire pressure of all tires.
  3. If the tire pressure is too high in any of the tires, slowly release air by gently pressing on the tire valve with the edge of your tire gauge until you get to the correct pressure.
  4. If the tire pressure is too low, note the difference between the measure tire pressure and the correct tire pressure. These “missing” pounds of pressure are what you will need to add.
  5. At a service station, add the missing pound of air pressure to each tire that is under inflated.
  6. Check all the tires to make sure they have the same air pressure (except in cases in which the front and rear tires are supposed to have different amounts of pressure).

Checking Tire Tread

Tires have built-in tread wear indicators that let you know when it is time to replace your tires. These indicators are raised sections spaced intermittently in the bottom of the tread groves. When they appear even with the outside of the tread, it is time to replace your tires. You can also test your tread with a Lincoln penny. Simply turn the penny so Lincoln’s head is pointing down and insert it into the tread. If the tread doesn’t cover Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires.

0% on 2008 Dodge Ram


AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — Chrysler has announced a 72-month zero-percent finance program on the Dodge Ram to clear out unsold 2008s this month, leading up to the new 2009 model’s launch in the fall.

The deal offers no-interest financing for 72 months on the Light Duty Quad and Mega Cab versions of the 2008 Dodge Ram. It comes with an additional $1,000 cash back if the Ram is financed through Chrysler Financial, a Chrysler spokesman told Inside Line.

Dick Scott Dodge 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall 800-486-2415

Tim’s Travel Tips: Plymouth Art In The Park

by Tim Joseph

Ok you wont have to travel very far if you live in the Plymouth-Canton area. I grew up in Plymouth and am only a couple years older than this fair. Plymouth’s Art in the park is happening this weekend, July 11, 12, & 13. It is Michigan’s 2nd largest art fair, #14 in the country and has been rated as one of the “Gems of the Great Lakes” by AAA Magazine. It is a true badge of honor for the City of Plymouth. But don’t worry, its not all in the park. The fair has expanded to cover the surrounding park area.

In addition to all the artists exhibiting and selling their work, there will be a large variety of music and entertainment. There will also be some childrens entertainment but if your kids are like mine, everything will be entertainment to them. Art exhibitors from all over the country come to show their work.

Friday 12:00pm ~ 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am ~ 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am ~ 5:00pm

Located right down town Plymouth. The Free shuttle services run from the Visteon plant in Plymouth- 14425 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth MI 48170.

We’ll see you there!

Tire Safety Part 1

Protection against avoidable breakdowns and crashes. Improved vehicle handling. Better fuel economy. Increased tire life. Just a few of the reasons to take five minutes every month to check your tires. Simply use the handy check list below.

Safety Checklist

  1. Check tire pressure regularly (at least once a month), including the spare
  2. Inspect tires for uneven wear patterns on the tread, cracks, foreign objects, or other signs of wear or trauma. Remove bits of glass and other foreign objects
  3. Make sure your tire values have valve caps
  4. Check tire pressure before going on a long trip
  5. Do not overload your vehicle. Check the tire information placard or owner’s manual for the maximum recommended load for the vehicle
  6. If you are towing a trailer, remmeber that some of the weight of the loaded trailer is transferred to the towing vehicle.

Safety Tips

  1. Slow down if you have to go over a pothole or other object in the road.
  2. Do not run over curbs, and try not to strike the curb when parking.

Chrysler LLC Receives Secretary of Defense 2008 Freedom Award

From The Auto Channel

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., July 2 — Chrysler LLC was selected to receive the Secretary of Defense 2008 Employer Support Freedom Award. The Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the U.S. Government to employers for their outstanding support of their employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. The Department of Defense announced fifteen recipients of the top honor.

To read more click here