Chrysler Unveils Rolling Wi-Fi System

by Tim Joseph

Imagine this, you’re driving down I-75 with your family and suddenly you can’t remember how to get where you’re going. You open up the laptop, look up directions, check your email, and while you’re at it you order a new DVD from amazon. Next, this kids start screaming because the music you’re listening to is getting stale and they want some variety. You go in and download more and they’re happy. Sound like a stretch? Not anymore.

Chrysler unveiled its UConnect Web that turns your vehicle into a rolling hot spot. The service will have an MSRP of $449 w/ dealer installation expected to be $35-$50. You’ll need a subscription which will $29 per month. It’ll be available in August as a dealer add on MOPAR accessory.

For more information please contact your favorite service department at:
Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall – 800-486-2415

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