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GT-R’s Have Landed

by Tim Joseph

A use submitted this picture to me and I’ve confirmed it’s authenticity. This was taken in Jacksonville, FL. The GT-R’s have arrived and will be sent to dealerships across the country very very soon. I do need to mention that we do not know how many are actually there. 1,500 were scheduled to come to the US and Dick Scott Nissan has no way of knowing what order we will receive them in.

There are also reports and pictures from Los Angeles and Vancouver of GT-R’s sitting in lots and being driven off the boats. Nissan North America has mostly denied these reports saying the vehicles are still in Japan with a few of them parked in Hawaii. This has been debunked by many eye witnesses. I can’t blame NNA for saying they aren’t here. They’re not set to be delivered for another month or so. We’ll keep you updated.