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Tim’s Travel Tips: Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

by Tim Joseph

This week’s weekend get away is to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. I visited this museum in 2nd grade. We took the Am Track from Wayne and arrived in Ann Arbor. The thing I remember the most was the giant bubbles. Huge tubs filled with soapy water and sticks with ropes on them. I must have really been enjoying it because my teacher pulled me aside and said “Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to do this in class in a couple weeks”. It was our secret. The museum has hundreds of exhibits. A lot more than when I was there.

I haven’t been there since then but my 10 year old has. I probably wont wait too long before going back.

Hours are Monday-Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday from noon-5pm. Admission is $8 for ages 2 and up, free for kids under 2 and free with a museum membership.

Chrysler Unveils Rolling Wi-Fi System

by Tim Joseph

Imagine this, you’re driving down I-75 with your family and suddenly you can’t remember how to get where you’re going. You open up the laptop, look up directions, check your email, and while you’re at it you order a new DVD from amazon. Next, this kids start screaming because the music you’re listening to is getting stale and they want some variety. You go in and download more and they’re happy. Sound like a stretch? Not anymore.

Chrysler unveiled its UConnect Web that turns your vehicle into a rolling hot spot. The service will have an MSRP of $449 w/ dealer installation expected to be $35-$50. You’ll need a subscription which will $29 per month. It’ll be available in August as a dealer add on MOPAR accessory.

For more information please contact your favorite service department at:
Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall – 800-486-2415

Dick Scott Rewards Cards

Have you checked your Dick Scott Rewards Card Points lately? Checking your points is as easy as going to our website, navigate to the “Rewards” menu and clicking on “Check Your Points.” We’ll need your email address to sign in so if you haven’t given us that information yet please email us at with your email address and Rewards Card number. Once you’re in you can check your points. Points can be redeemed for anything from a car wash or oil change to a discount on your next new or pre-owned vehicle purchase/lease. This is just another part of the “Dick Scott Difference“.

Check your points here:
Dick Scott Dodge
Dick Scott Motormall
Dick Scott Kia
Dick Scott Nissan

Tiger Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Shigeo Kato, winner of four Tiger tickets and a Tiger garage parking pass. Customers who registered for online service scheduling during the months of April and May were entered into our drawing for the tickets. Next time you need service, schedule your confirmed appointment online with our new Online Service Scheduling tool. For more information click one of the following links:

Dick Scott Dodge
Dick Scott Motormall
Dick Scott Kia
Dick Scott Nissan

Once you’re signed up you’ll be able to make service appointment whenever you need it.

Tim’s Travel Tips: Sterling Inn

by Tim Joseph

Starting today we’re going to give you a new idea each Friday of what you can do over the weekend to get away and have fun.

Best Western Sterling Inn
(586) 979-1400
34911 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Heights, MI 48312

  • 5,000 sq. ft. indoor swimming pool with 110 ft. waterslide, lazy river, and vortex. Interactive
  • Splash Play Park
  • 2,300 sq. ft. indoor play park with tipping frogs, water bikes, waterslides, and giesers.

Dodge Brings ‘Grab Life’ Experience to the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest June 27-29

June 18, 2008 10:40 AM EDT

— Free, three-day event lets consumers get in the driver’s seat to see how Dodge vehicles handle real world challenges on specially designed test tracks
— Dodge’s all-new crossover, the 2009 Journey, takes center stage on test track
— Dodge Challenger SRT8(R), back in Dodge line-up after 35 year absence, will be on display

What: Michigan residents have the chance get in the driver’s seat when the Dodge brand’s “Grab Life” tour comes to the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest, one of the premier summertime events in the state, June 27-29 in Howell, Mich., at the Howell High School complex. One of the highlights of the “Grab Life” tour will be the test track experience where consumers can get behind the wheel to put Dodge vehicles through real world driving situations, such as a slalom test, ABS brake zone, and speed bump and pothole suspension tests, designed to showcase the vehicles’ performance and handling attributes. The 2009 Dodge Journey, the brand’s all-new crossover, will be the featured vehicle.

Consumers will also have the chance to drive a Dodge Nitro and Dodge Charger. The Dodge Ram and Dakota pickup trucks will be put through their paces on a special track that will include water fording and hill climbing. In addition to getting behind the wheel, event attendees can visitthe Dodge “Grab Life” trailer to learn more about the full-line of Dodge products as well as visit the SIRIUS Listening Station, play video games, surf the Web for more information about Dodge at the Internet Cafe and peruse the Dodge Goods showcase. The “Grab Life” tour will also include displays of some of the brand’s newest models, including the highly anticipated all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8(R), Dodge Caliber SRT4 and Dodge Grand Caravan.

Consumers will also be able to test their knowledge in a Dodge trivia game and play Plinko to win prizes. Event attendees can leave with a souvenir of their day by posing for a photo in front of a backdrop of NASCAR drivers or the 2009 Dodge Challenger. Anyone interested in participating in the test drive experience must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

Who: Open to the public

When: June 27-29, 2008

The test track will be open during the following times:
— June 27: 4-9 p.m.
— June 28: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
— June 29: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Where: Michigan Challenge Balloonfest Howell High School
Directions: The balloonfest takes place at the Howell High School
complex, with entrances on West Grand River Avenue, M-59 and Highlander Way.

Other: Area residents putting a variety of Dodge vehicles to the test on exhilarating driving courses, including waterfording and hill climbing.

Jodi Tinson
(248) 512-2944 (office)
(586) 219-0677 (cell)

GT-R’s Have Landed

by Tim Joseph

A use submitted this picture to me and I’ve confirmed it’s authenticity. This was taken in Jacksonville, FL. The GT-R’s have arrived and will be sent to dealerships across the country very very soon. I do need to mention that we do not know how many are actually there. 1,500 were scheduled to come to the US and Dick Scott Nissan has no way of knowing what order we will receive them in.

There are also reports and pictures from Los Angeles and Vancouver of GT-R’s sitting in lots and being driven off the boats. Nissan North America has mostly denied these reports saying the vehicles are still in Japan with a few of them parked in Hawaii. This has been debunked by many eye witnesses. I can’t blame NNA for saying they aren’t here. They’re not set to be delivered for another month or so. We’ll keep you updated.

Dodge’s Nissan Car

A couple of months ago Chrysler and Nissan agreed to build a couple of cars for each other. Chrysler agreed to build a large truck for Nissan and Nissan to build a small economical car for Chrysler in the Dodge lineup. The picture above is most likely the vehicle we will see Nissan build. It is the Dodge Hornet. It is build on the Nissan Versa platform and is said to compete with the Mini Cooper.
Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Nissan – 800-504-8536

Dick Scott Dodge Tent Sale

I love a good tent sale! Dick Scott Dodge is having its first ever tent sale June 19th to June 30th.

* Rebates up to $10,000 or 0% APR Available *
* Low Lease Payments Aavilable *
* Huge Selection of New & Pre-owned Vehicles *
* $2.99 Gas Special *

Our Test Sale runs from 9am on Thursday, June 19th to 9pm on Monday, June 30th. There will be hotdogs, popcorn and a huge selection of vehicles available. Don’t miss out on a chance to test-drive the vehicle of your dreams! Our Experienced Sales Staff and Finance Specialists will be on hand to match the vehicle you want with a payment that fits your budget!
Also, in honor of our Tent Sale and 25th Anniversary Celebration:
Lube, Oil & Filter Special!
Come to Dick Scott Dodge Quick Lube
From June 19th – June 30th and receive
25% Off*
For more information call:
Dodge – 800-571-6906
Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Present coupon at time of write-up. Expires June 30, 3008.

Fuel Economy Series Part 4

by Tim Joseph

Nempimania: An obsession with getting the best fuel economy possible.

If you’re really feeling it at the pump and have enjoyed out series then quite possibly you have Nempimania. I know I do. I’ve talked a lot about trading your car for one that’s more fuel efficient or how to track your fuel economy. I’ve also told you how much money you can save with Nitrogen and how to calculate that savings. Now I’m going to give you some tips on how to maximize your fuel usage and save money. Imagine if everyone in America reduced their fuel usage by 20%. Most likely it would cause the investors to sell their shares in crude oil and cause the price to fall. I ended up only spending $10 on gas this week compared to $16 last week and $20 the week before. I have cut my gas costs in half. Just by using these techniques.

Observe The Speed Limit – Each 5mph you drive over 60 costs you $0.20 per gallon for gas.
Remove Excess Weight – This affects smaller vehicles more than large vehicles but the general rule of thumb is every extra 100 pounds in your vehicle will cost you 2%. At $4/gallon it costs you $0.08 per gallon.
Avoid Excessive Idling – You get 0 mpg when you idle.
Use Cruise Control – It helps you maintain a constant speed and will save you gas.
Use Overdrive Gears – If you have an automatic transmission, make sure you use the over drive gear.
Keep your Engine Tuned – Engines that are out of tune cost you 4% at the pump
Check and Replace Air Filters – Replacing a clogged air filter can improve your gas mileage by 10%.
Keep Tires Properly Inflated – 1 psi drop costs you 0.4% and it can add up quickly.
Keep Your Oil Changed – Not only will it make you engine run longer but it’ll save you at the pump.

Personally, I have been shifting at 2,000 RPM’s. Also, I’ve been shifting into neutral down hills and when coming to a stop. This will bring your RPM’s down a lot, let your engine run easier and save you a lot of money.

In Part 5 I will highlight Dick Scott’s most fuel efficient vehicles at each of our dealerships. That will close out our Fuel Economy series but whenever we hear of ways that will save you money at the pump, we’ll pass them along.

To get into a more fuel efficient vehicle, please contact:
Dodge – 800-571-6906
Motormall – 800-486-2415
Kia – 800-730-9872
Nissan – 800-504-8536