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Water Buoy Floats at Dick Scott Nissan

by Tim Joseph

Don’t you hate it when you’re fishing and you drop your keys in the water? Do you hate the feeling of sitting out in the middle of the lake and not being able to start your boat, or worse, you get the boat back to shore but you can’t go anywhere cuz your car keys are 12 feet under water? Are you sick of looking for a giant magnet just to forget where exactly the keys went in? We have a solution!

WaterBuoy is the size of a regular keyfob but once your keys fall in the water it uses a patented method to inflate a balloon with a harmless gas and lift itself to safety. It can lift over 2 pound which makes it idea for GPS units, phones, radios, cameras, PDS’s… It also has a light that is visible up to 820 feet. Both the light and the balloon work for a minimum 24 hours giving you plenty of time to go in and get your keys. If you would like to keep your cooler afloat simply weigh your cooler and dive by two. Thats how many waterbuoys you’ll need to secure to the cooler to lift it back to the surface.

Dick Scott Nissan is pleased to be a dealer of this device. If you’re interested, please contact Doug Harris at 800-504-8536.

Nissan Scratch Shield

by Tim Joseph

Lets file this one under “This Rocks!”

Have you ever been washing your car and noticed a ton of scratches all over it? I hate when that happens. All the polishing and buffing you have to do to get the paint to look nice. I guess if the car sat inside the house somewhere where nothing touched it this wouldn’t be a problem. Cars are driven on the road and parked in public lots and as much as we love them, they don’t look perfect forever.

Aparently Nissan engineers don’t like their cars being scratched either. They’ve developed a new paint that is more scratch resistant than conventional clearcoats. This helps maintain the showroom look for a longer period of time. On top of that the paint repairs fine scratches by itself. It will have five times less scratches than a vehicle with a conventional clearcoat. The process takes anywhere from one day to one week. Honestly, I won’t mind the wait.

The paint is made with a highly elastic resin combined with a conventional clearcoat which increases the paint’s flexibility. Why didn’t I think of that? This also increases its strength by raising the resin density. See the graphics below-

It is unclear when this technology will be available on your favorite Nissan model. It is already being offered on some Infiniti vehicles. Now if they could only make a metal that repairs itself when it gets dented…
If you’re interested in a new Nissan vehicle, contact Dick Scott Nissan 800-504-8536